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Just got back from my walk, and on the way ran into my old friend Emma (note: VERY old picture) which was nice… The film will be back at noon so I'll have time to do work first, after I drink this Black Booster… It's a mild-cola with a guarana aftertaste. It's alright, but XTC is still the best one in my books.

Anyway, to the poll. This one is from Caitlin's page:

Top three…
Condiments: Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar. Oh wait, those are the same. I guess I'll have to say balsamic vinegar, mango vinegar, and “red heat” vinegar.
Musicals: First let me say I know nothing about musicals… so… South Park the Movie is the only one I can think of. Does that count? My mother took me to see Cats when I was a kid and Dave took me to see Cabaret so that'll have to do.
Video Games: I haven't played video games in a long time, so my answers will be very dated. Bruce Jenner's Decathalon for the original IBM PC, Commander Keen (first series, EGA versions), and the original Wizardry (as in 1983 or so).
Comic Books: Another thing I don't do. Frank by Jim Woodring. Ed the Happy Clown by Chester Brown. I don't think I can think of any others so I'll have to say Arkham Asylum which is the only other comic book I own.
Sitcoms: Ok, this at least I can do. Just Shoot Me, Frasier, Futurama.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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