I love street racing

So I went to my grandmother's today for Easter. That was all nice, but the drive back was soooo fun. Traffic was thick, and getting ahead meant severe lane changing. I almost got killed doing it — I was doign about 160, and was accelerating into a much needed open space. Suddenly a dimwit in a white K-car pulled in front of me doing barely the speed limit. Thank god for four big disc brakes. She finally pulled into her correct slow-moving lane and as I passed I saw that she was barely even paying attention to the road… She was far more concerned with the sub she was eating.

ANYWAY, when I first got onto the highway (about two hours from my house), a silver TT pulled up behind me. This was one of the new TTs, so it's in theory more powerful than mine, but since mine is chipped and has an improved exhaust they're probably about equal power. Anyway, he pulled up behind me FAST whipped into the lane next to me, looked over and paused, and then TORE off. I did my best to keep up, but this guy was driving even crazier than I was, zipping from lane to lane at about 140. So after about twenty five minutes or so he was out of sight.

Then two ginos in a brand new silver Honda Civic made it clear that they wanted to race too. They kept up for a while, but at that point we were hovering between 140 and 180 as traffic allowed it, and at those speeds the TT simply way outhandles a Civic. So it wasn't long before I was out of their sight.

The funny thing about the TT is that it wants you to speed. If you're listening to music, the stereo automatically turns louder and louder as you go faster, egging you on!

Anyway, the punch line is that about ten minutes from my house I finally caught up to the other TT — I was hoping I might. This TT had custome plates and I'd recognized it as belonging to a guy that lives down the street from me. Anyway, when I finally caught up to him, I figure he was going about 160. He saw me and started to speed up, but I had too much momentum and shot past him at 180. I thought I'd “won”, since he was blocked in, but then he pulled onto the shoulder and gunned it. Literally half a second before the exit he squeaked past me at 200.

So, I guess I just barely lost the race, but it sure was fun.

R.I.P. Joey Ramone

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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