Monthly Archives: April 2001

13 bottles of beer

I love trying new things. I like trying new piercings. I like driving new cars. I like trying new rendering engines. I like trying new food. …And… I like trying new beer:

I picked all of these up on my way back from FedEx today. Oh, and if you're wondering why BME is offline right now, it's one of two things. First of all, we had a cap of about 7 Mb/s on the site which we lifted this morning… So quite likely the machine just had a heart attack when it found itself doing double that. The other possibility is of course fraud/hacking.

I'll know the details later today. Anyway, if you haven't already, scroll down and look at the shirts. I think we'll run them, I just have to finalize the design and the colors.

New slogan shirts?

So last night we were damn drunk and watching Biography — it included some footage of a gay rights demonstration with signs that said “Thank God I'm Gay” which we both thought was so wonderful (and hilarious) that we thought it might be fun to make shirts.

I really hope no one thinks it's in poor taste; it's intended to be fun. Anyway, tell me what you think.

Death comes soon

As of tomorrow, my trike will be on its way to me. It's disassembled and packed in crates. By the end of the week it should be in Fenton, MI, and then by the end of next week here in Toronto… And then within the month it should be completed!

PS. Want to know more about these trikes? Click here.


The nice thing about IAM is that I've met a whole lot of people with knowledge that I don't have — I mentioned slowing the speed of light recently, and a couple people have pointed out that light can be stopped altogether, as well as being made to go even faster! Also, a number of people have mailed me advice on silkscreening (I'm amazed how many IAM members do that professionally). Thanks!

Think about doing what we're doing

I just got back from my favorite computer store to see if they had any hot new notebooks. I'm not in the market, I'm just a gadgetophile. Yes, I have thing-fetish, and it's a hard thing to kick even if you know it's the right thing to do. It's one of the true curses of modern western wealthculture. Anyway, there was not a computer to see… On Saturday four guys had bust in with shotguns and taken all their best notebooks.

I just had a great bruch of huevos ranchero (a fried egg, ham, and baked beans in a tortilla bowl), and now I'm going to try and coerce @home into uploading an image update to BME. (So check for that later today). Oh, and I think I may well eat some marzipan as I wait.

24 hours till Porsche time.

"The secret faith of the 20th century is not modernism. The secret faith of the 20th century is nostalgia for the archaic: nostalgia for the Paleolithic. And that gives us body piercing, abstract expressionism, surrealism, jazz, rock and roll, and catastrophe theory. And why does this matter? It matters because it shows that the way out is back, and the future is a forward escape into the past."
"As we break out of the infantile obsessions of the marketplace, what we discover is that in the body there are Niagaras of beauty. Alien beauty, alien dimensions that are part of the self, the richest part of life."

Terrence McKenna
on the Archaic Revival