Monthly Archives: May 2001

I'm such a goof

I got my custom plate today. Don't make too much fun of me, or if you do, at least know that I got this plate because I thought it was funny. I think you know I don't take myself that seriously!

Yesterday was such a productive day (BME update, ModCon work, and a bunch of upgrades to the IAM software, as well as some unrelated work), that today I will relax. I have to do laundry, pick up a CD for Mishel who we're hopefully visiting this weekend, and then it's fun fun fun till daddy takes the t-bird away.

Oh! And I'll be posting REAL pictures of my trike frame later today — at about 2PM I'll be driving up North and cracking open the crates! I'm told by the people who received it that it looks great, except it's got some shitty differential out of a 2.8 Camaro or something. That won't take any power… Trike, say hello to Mr. Ford 9″ (which has treated me well on other projects).

Guess what we got across the border today?

It's official: I'm crazy

Well, let me tell you what I had for lunch and you can decide. I had some fish left over, but as you can see from the first photo it has started to go bad. I have no idea if that's a problem or not, or what risks I face.

Anyway, then I fried it up in a mix of basalmic vinegar, sesame seeds, coca-cola, olive oil, hot sauce, sprouts, and a bunch of other stuff. To my surprise, it tasted great.

(I'm not kidding about the coca-cola — click the middle picture).

PS. I've updated the ModCon who's coming page.

Fame and fortune

So I'm browsing through the homepage of a prominent Toronto e-marketing company and who do I see but Techknight wearing a super-limited edition BME shirt (I think only 36 of them exist)!

Which reminds me, now that BME's commerce is back up and running, I'll be printing those super-limited IAM contributor shirts that I promised a few of you a while back. Watch your post office boxes in about three to four weeks.

Another old painting

if i was flying south
i wouldn't leave on a gray day
i'd leave on a hurray day
but the geese know when to fly
they're the hip birds of the sky
the sixth great lake