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Food it up

I cooked, well made sort of an ubersandwich today. Nothing complicated. Just some salmon I briefly put in a pomegranite marinade on a bed of sprouts and hummus. It was good I suppose, not that it lasted long thanks to one of my few illnesses that I am genuinely not happy about. I can't keep food down, and now that I'm not really drinking any more I've been getting really tired. I think that beer was actually providing a significant portion of my caloric and vitamin intake…

Anyway, I'm wiped out. I got like two hours of sleep last night and I've been running all day. I have to go to bed.


Saira in her office at OPIRG
My old residence at York, Vanier College (Room 911, if I remember right) Saira and Osmond, host of the Slow Love Show (9:30PM – 11PM on Tuesdays on CHRY)

Grant Dexter, where are you?

I found this in my back yard. If you can prove to me that you are Grant Dexter, the card is yours. If no one claims it, I'll cut it up in a couple days.

LOG OUT or this could happen to you:

Names changed to protect the…

Rod: Hey
Todd: Hey bro. What's up? :-)
Rod: Not much, yourself?
Rod: I'm ignoring my girlfriend because she's incredibly aggitating.
Todd: Getting ready to go play mini-golf with my girlfriend :-)
Todd: Really? How so?
Rod: I made her go to the store to get drinks for us. She's driving me absolutely batty.
Todd: lol
Rod: She keeps trying to get me into bed. I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment.
Rod: What should I do?
Todd: Glad to see I'm not alone on that part.
Todd: I'd say just to let her know that up front. You'll do better that way than to hide it.
Rod: She keeps trying to get me to do anal and I'm not comfortable with that. She says it doesn't count as sex.
Rod: She's incredibly beautiful though. I almost can't resist.
Todd: Hehe. I hear ya. I'm very anti-anal sex, too.
Hmmm… This is a tough one.

Todd: Have you told her how you feel about all this yet?
Rod: Well, I just used my hand and she didn't know because she was blindfolded
Todd: lol!
Rod: She's really into a lot of kink. I'm just not so sure I can keep this facade up.
Todd: It's definately best to tell her, then.
Rod: I'm so into her. I can't help myself. I've got to prepare. When she returns I'll take her into my arms and give her some hot anal luvvin that she won't soon forget!
Todd: Hehehe :-)
Rod: Thank you for your advice!
Rod: You're such a wonderful friend!
Rod: See yah!!
Todd: lol, no prob, bro :-)

You should have been there…