Monthly Archives: May 2001

So which one was it?

Just got this IM:

>"Aztec 7 This was my first car -- photo taken
>at a kit car meet."
>"My first car, a Laser 917, is moved to storage
>at my father's farm."
>soo umm, which car is the _real_ first car?

Yeah, I guess that didn't quite make sense…
Laser 917 – First car bought.
Aztec 7 – First car put on the road.

What's in my purse?

Well, I saw this on Corrie's page… I don't have a purse, so I'll tell you the contents of my wallet. I suspect it will be rather boring.

$3.60 in Canadian change, $25 in Canadian bills, $40 in US bills, a receipt for a WIRED magazine at the airport, my personal VISA card, a photo of Saraii, my PsyberCity bank card, my personal bank card, my Ontario driver's license, some phone numbers on a scrap of cardboard, a $20 Bell Canada phone card, my birth certificate, my S.I.N. card, and my Health card. Not too exciting. Corrie's purse was a lot more fun to look through.

Why can't I go to sleep? I think I'll show you some pictures…. I've got a CD of old digital pictures in my drive anyway (these are all between three and five years old):

My first car, a Laser 917, is moved to storage at my father's farm.

Dave looking even more mad scientist than normal.

Duncan gets a brand by Steve Haworth; I love the way the smoke hovers like fog.

Now THAT'S a keloid!

Saraii and I have a pie baking contest.

The Lizardman back when he was still mostly human.

Ryan gets interviewed by CBC.

Subcision about five years ago when I met him in Philly.

Ouch! Hope he survived that! That's a swollen dink, and not in a good way.

When I first met the vileness about four years ago.

I found more treasures

Part of a rather crude xmas card from lish

Dave and Gwen

Blair and Carrie

Saira the Pirate

Cleaning brings a blast from the past

18 hours to go. I'm cleaning like crazy — last thing I need is the smell of mice to do us in. While cleaning my hallway, an old (1996 era) PhotoCD fell out from under some old medical supplies. I thought it would amuse a few of you that know these people.

This is back from the days we were all still at Stainless (at their previous location at Queen and Spadina). It's Joan, now of Stigmata, and Emma, now of Immaculate Conception (I think that's what it's called). I've been hearing great reviews of their jewelry, so with any luck Ryan may strike up a deal with her and Matt to get us an even broader stock at BMEshop.


It seems to be a running joke that no matter how long I have booked for a tattoo appointment, I don't seem to walk out with more than half an hour of work (although I do walk out with a few hours of chatting). Anyway, since I don't have many sits left before I get killed in South America, we're trying to blitz through it. The bottom half is now 90% done, and I'm really happy — it totally pulls everything together and makes it coherant… The top half is a yellow to magenta to dark blue sky fade with clouds, and then capped off at the shoulder with some psychedelic building. That'll be done at the end of June, and then I'll do a final touch up at the start of August…

Oh — probably on Sunday or Monday I'll be redoing Shane's web page so you can see lots more of his work.