Monthly Archives: May 2001


…saw this as I was walking through an alley in the gay ghetto today:

I sleep poorly on weekdays

People who haven't spent much time at my house: Don't underestimate just how bad it can get here. When you work long hours, cleaning the floor often becomes your lowest priority.

It will NOT look like this on Friday morning, I promise! (And yes, I'm listening to Pansy Division in these photos)

Oh, and the petition plugin has been roughed out. I'll finish coding it probably on Thursday — if not, it'll be on Sunday I hope. Either way, it's on the way to completion. And if you didn't notice, there have been some very minor aesthetic fixes in the IM system.

BMEshop stuff.

First of all, the bags are there and in stock. We only have a few though, so if you're interested, you'd better click here right now.

As far as the shirts, the printer forgot to give us some of our order, so they'll be going into stock tomorrow morning. You should probably go to the T-Shirt page and put in a notification request though — we have lots of the Maori2 design, but the other ones are extremely limited. We're talking only a few in each size/color combo. The silver foil piercing ones are amazing… Actually, they're all great. Here is a teaser:

I'm uploading that monstrous update right now. So you'll have neato stuff to look at later today. Oh, and woo woo! I have company this weekend!

Three portraits

…illustrating how my painting has evolved over the years.
Left to right: 1997/8 (?), 2000, 2001.

Bite me

The nice thing about having big floppy stretched ears and very public tattoos is that everyone remembers you — there are some other nice things about the ears, but I can't talk about that here (anyway, I digress). So I'm at the airport this morning getting my boarding pass, and the guy says to me, “Hey, didn't I see you here with your girlfriend last week?” Then when I got on the airplane, the steward recognized me as well… As a result, as long as I'm polite in return, I seem to get excellent service.

As promised, I'll be making a long list of upgrades to IAM over the week… I'll post about them here as they happen. Anyway, I think it's about time for me to brush the dust off my portable. Distance isn't the most fun.

Finally, I know it's months premature to say, but assuming the trike comes along well, I'm roughly planning on driving it down to the Brazil BBQ and convention in mid-September.