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Wow, I just saw pictures of Roberto's Team BME tattoo, is that ever amazing (if you haven't already checked out his website you should definitely do that). People ask me occasionally how I feel about BME tattoos — seriously, there have been times when I'm down on the site and don't really feel like doing it, and it's things like the tattoos that remind me what an amazing place all of you have built and just how important it is…

Oh, and Ryan from BMEshop just stopped by to show me a new item he's just gotten in. I know we've talked about it for some time, but we finally have bags! They'll go into stock in a few days, along with the new shirts which should go in at the start of the week. The bags are really nice (plus they come with a great sparkly sticker), and are solidly made. Right now we have about 10 different fabrics (some “snakeskin” types and some flame fabrics in different colors), two or three sizes, and four different front prints. If they do well, we'll be doing a new set soon.


“Chicest shack in the Caribbean”
- Vogue

“Officially the coolest place to stay in the world.”
- Evening Standard

OK, I've got to get to work now.
Oh, before I forget — and I'll post about it again later tonight, but Saira's big CHRY fundraising show is tonight at 11PM EST… I'll be there, and I'll post the streaming audio link this evening before I go. Finally, Greg and Dave and I had a great time last night; I hope Greg wasn't too grossed out by my messy place.

Castration anyone?

Most of the people I know who are seriously involved in the eunuch community are very stable individuals who have done decades of soul searching and often therapy to be sure it's what they really want. However, I say “most” because as with all extreme activities (including things like mountain climbing) some highly questionable people are drawn to it for some highly questionable reasons. To a few, castration seems like a quick fix to whatever personal problems they may have.

Below is an email exchange I've had over a period of about two weeks with someone asking me to be hooked up. I've marked his messages with a pink background and my own with a grey background. With the exception of removing anything that would identify anyone, as well as correcting some absolutely bizarre layout, here it is:

Subject: Who am I ?
I am a male who is intrested in getting casterated . I was seen by kindcut@*** , who is now known as cuttermichael@***. I am Mental and have a sexual addiction known as Beastiality and want my balls cut off.

I'm afraid that this isn't something I'd be able to help you with.

Subject: who am I part 2
I am a swm in *** ***. I have no job . I am looking into coming to the modcon because I haven't been successful in getting by balls cut off and would like to have it done. I WILL in no way reveal where the event is taking place.
     sincerely AGAIN *** ***
  P.S. I am not a member of any tv station.

I understand that, but there's no way in a million years that I'd be able to arrange a likely illegal procedure for someone I don't know, has no real references, and admits to being metally unstable...

Re: do you know anybody who will help
Dou you know of anybody in the *** area who will help me get my balls cut off ?
       SORRY AGAIN *** ***

I can tell you with full certainty that NO qualified cutter will deal with you if you present yourself from an anonymous email address and claim to have psychological problems. I suggest you just get the $1500 or so together and have a doctor do it for you.

Re: last reply and picture sending The reason I wanted to go to modcon III is the fact that I am violently mentally ill as well . I also wanted to know how do I post a picture on your

WHAT? I sure hope that's a joke!

Re: no joke
If I can't get nutted , can I at least get a circumcision reversal ?

Circumcision reversal is a SLOW process that you have to do yourself over an extended period of time.

Re: thanks for everything
thanks for all your kind words. I'm getting a scalpel from Nasco on Wensday and Emla cream in 2 weeks to deball myself. I will send pictures of myself after that time.

I hope you're not serious -- because this isn't the sort of thing you ought to be trying on yourself at home. It's begging to be hospitalized. Seriously, do NOT try to do this yourself.

Re: modcon 3 attendance
Am I now able to attend modcon 3, if I send you a picture of myself if someone is able to castrate me, pierce my scrotum, tattoo my crotch and do a circumcision reversal ?
          Sincerely *** ***

We have already had this conversion.

1. You are NOT coming to ModCon III.
2. There will be no castrations on ANYONE at ModCon.
3. You can NOT safely get these procedures done at once.
4. Circumcision reversal is a SLOW procedure that you do yourself.

You have expressed NUMEROUS times that you have serious issues to work out. I STRONGLY urge you to seek psychiatric counselling. If after that you STILL have these needs, I again STRONGLY urge you to pursue them through legitimate medical channels.


Pix pix pix

I have been cleaning up here, and going through loads of old photos in the process and thought it might amuse some of you to share them. Also, I'm out of town as of tomorrow and instead of doing an update today, I've decided instead to do a big one on either Monday night or Tuesday depending on when I return.

It was a huge pain in the ass, but this car was my first love. I wish it was still here. Blair and Phil A photo I took the last time I visited my grandmother. This church is one of my all-time favorite pieces of architechture. Dennis of DMT fame. Need a p-wand? Check out his very cool gallery of customer jewelry.
A horrible 1993 driver's license picture. They're always bad though. Emma, formerly of Stainless Studios, and now running her own company, I believe called Immaculate Conceptions. Jim and Megg of Infinite fame, with their “piercer in training”. Oh yeah! If you're going to do a suspension, do it right!
The price of entry into ModCon can be rather high. Passport, January 1991. I look like a young soldier going off to war! (Saira says I look like a Nazi.) Hey, what's Blair doing to Phil's dink? If I told you who this was, I suspect I wouldn't live to see tomorrow.
Shawn likes to hang out in alleys. What? Who's that? Do I see a ring? Warning: Old photo, times change. Shawn and his kitty ears. “Xanadu”: A strange run-down survivalist home we discovered in a forest.

Making Threats

Even though last time they parked there I left them a note, my neighbors blocked my driveway again… Next time I'll drive over them — although I did passive-aggressively wait a LONG time to answer the knock on the back door. I'm assuming they won't do it again.