Monthly Archives: June 2001

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other.

The lighting grid is up. Enormous — and I mean ENORMOUS — respect must go out to the three brave warriors who actually built the tower. All I had to do was climb up the top with a drill and the lights and assemble it up there. Now, that's not really easy to do by yourself since there were many times I wasn't holding on at all — stupid I know… I'm totally winded and sweating like a pig, but what I did was nothing in comparison to what they achieved!

HOWEVER. I did it with a hardship — the steps are pretty big, even for a tall guy like me. I noticed as I climbed, my zipper started opening. Then on the next step, the crotch of my pants tore. Each step I took, the rip got bigger. My boxer shorts didn't do much to cover me, but I figured that I'm standing in front of an empty lot amid some trees, so what do I care. As luck would have it, the guys on the construction crew that partks their vehicles in the lot next door were just getting off, and checked out what I was doing. I sure hope the bizarre tower distracted them from the fact that my cock was waving in the wind…

Oh, and I'm supposed to remind you who the Official BBQ Princess is.

excuse me. i am lost. please help me.

Just got the latest shirts back… the iWasCured staff shirts, as well as the BBQ shirts. All are very sweet. Bring a Canadian $20 bill to the BBQ and trade it for a fireworks shirt. You can't get it anywhere else.

I have but one thing to say to you

…and that would be fuckin' a.

I picked up another ungodly amount of fireworks, with an emphasis on the loud and the exploding. In addition, I picked up about fifteen feet of ignition fuse, so tonight I'll wire together some massive combination fireworks! I just got back from Second Cup (getting a jumbo iced mocha, my summer drink) and invited my friends that work there… They'd seen the May two-four one from the street but didn't realize it was me. I'm told that there were three squad cars sitting out there watching us as well — Not to arrest us (since it's mostly legal) but simply to watch the show.

il Cap's credit

I totally forgot to mention that the credit for these two potential shirts goes entirely to ill Cappucino.

Day Of The Dead

I can't draw… I think I need to hit up Johann for another shirt — the first two he did for BMEshop were amazing and I'd love to do more of his work… (Oh, and Johann didn't draw that cruddy little guy right here — that's my fault).