Monthly Archives: June 2001

ha ha ha

Some people just can't stop proving to the world how stupid they are. So the hateful straightedge kid I deleted sends me a message including:

"dear shannon,
i understand that you banned me for harrasment...that is ok..bnut can you read the instant messages that people send to one another..they sent some rude ones to me but that goes overlooked...i didnt think 20 genital piercing was even stated that in your guidlines...but that gets overlooked..then they say im a fuckin homosexual and that i better shut my fuckin mouth or ill get banned..."

OK. Seems like a reasonable guy, if a little slow. So I do my best to give a reasonable reply:

I can read IM's, but not if people delete them. In addition, I *NEVER* look at IM's unless they are reported since that would be an invasion of privacy.

It's like the real world. If a crime is committed against you, you report it to the police so they can deal with it. Become a vigilante, and it's you that the police end up putting in jail.


Makes sense, right? I figure, ok, I'll get a reasonable reply, lesson is learned, and he can have his account back. After all, his girlfriend has a site here, and I assume he wants to take part. But no… I get a 100% psychotic reply, including these gems:

"Im sure you broke out the dictionary for that one big man...bme is a joke enjoy your pedifile site hope it gets you nowhere and yea look at what angst addict said back ....that goes un-repromanded...rememer copyrights........then end fuckin homo... oh and if you could destroy me id basicly just take a 12 gague and blow your fat lumpy fuckin ass in half and yea she is a slut......"

Ha ha ha. Why don't you bring your daddy's shotgun to the BBQ? Maybe you can shoot a hundred people drinking beer — TLC's gonna be there, you can be on TV doing it. Again, I say, “ha ha ha”. Let me repeat: “ha ha ha”.

Stuff, stuff, and stuffed

I've been picking up more lawnchairs for the BBQ. If you want a guaranteed seat though and are driving, maybe it's a “BYOC” event.

We just got this sweet little GPS for our trip. We still need to get an antenna for the car…

These floodlights will be mounted on top of the suspension rig, lighting it and the yard. There are also torches all over.

Ack… That's highway mileage. The truck is chipped, so once we've got the normal computer back in, it'll be about 2mpg better.

Wheee! We went racing through some muddy roads! (If you're wondering, yes, that's a 100% custom bumper. You can't buy that from a catalog!)

Looks like some little fellows have been climing the tower.

More TOS shit…

So I had to delete severneckandwa from IAM today — and I have to delete dipshits like him all the time. I really don't care if you're straightedge or a rabid drug user. It's not my problem. It's your problem. And the same goes vice-versa — if someone else wants to do lines and talk about it, you have no more right to attack them for it than they do you for limiting the experiences you choose to have in life. If it's wrong, it'll kick them in the ass. It's not your place to. Hurting them just makes it all worse for everyone.

Calling specific other users here “dirty sluts” and stuff like that on your page just isn't going to cut it. All it proves is that you're an idiot. If you want to change the world, it's not going to be by making yourself look like a moron. Go out and get involved in something positive and productive. You make claims on your page like “I will fight until my very death… to show you I'm strong inside” and “I am AGRESSIVE and if I saw you I would beat the living fucking snott out of you.” I've seen your pictures. You're a pudgy white kid. Good fucking luck. Real life would destroy you. Even if you can find some little girl to beat up, does that make you a real man? Have you made the world a better place?

It's easy to hide behind the computer mommy and daddy bought you. If you're really that tough, go out and change the world. It takes hard work, but if you're worth anything, you can do it. In any case, IAM is a place where if you want to hang out , you have to get along. “If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.” If you can't, go back to the suburbs and bitch to your friends about emo or whatever your pet peeve is until your parents call you for supper.

On a lighter note, can you tell that the “structures” below all had the same designer?


I have a cable modem and I have a DSL modem. They both suck.


  • Relatively reliable
  • Slower download times
  • Insanely slower upload times — sometimes not much better than a 56k modem
  • Stupid authentication software


  • Incredibly unreliable
  • Blazing fast in both directions… when it's working
  • Easy to network

Other than the 25%+ downtime, the cable modem is way better. But if it doesn't work, what good do the good points do me? Grrrr.

How heavy is the queen?

The tower is built! “Aye! She'll hold the Queen Mary” we're told (or something like that, if one can believe the Scotts). Enormous credit goes out to Phil, Marty, and Orbax for building the structure, as well as MiL0 and Mary for painting it (and that's no small undertaking either). I'm told BME gets a little credit for helping design and pay for the damn thing too (buy a shirt at the BBQ to help support it).

Don't tell me iwascured doesn't have one of the coolest rigs around! Want to see if it'll hold? Come to the July 1st performance!