Monthly Archives: July 2001

Ah, rocket fuel

Goddamn. It's like drinking a coffee flavored muffin. It's not as easy as stopping at Second Cup, but it sure tastes better… And since I was in the neighborhood picking up a new toy anyway, how could I resist?

It's funny though — people make fun of gourmet coffee shops drawing a specific crowd, but juice places are over the top… If I squinted my eyes, I doubt I'd be able to tell one customer from the next. I guess though that's the key to a successful business — the capture and grooming of a clientelle.

L-R: A new tool (Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge) for the DVDs we're working on, Rocket Fuel made by tigertante, two new toys (one a gift from Jack Ghoul), postcards that is sending me to lure me to his beautiful city.

The plan for today:

  1. Add the shirt size routine to BMEshop.
  2. Add a function to IAM to allow you to link to a specific diary entry.
  3. Add a function to IAM to allow you to search single pages.
  4. Start working on the suspension video for iWasCured and BMEradio.

Takin care of business

Went to dinner at Buddhas (666 Dundas West) with Tomasso, MiL0, PhilipBarbosa, Blair, mjh, Adrienne, and kaelinne. Afterwards the remnants of the booze — including perhaps FOUR Crest 10% Super's were poured into everyone… I don't know if that makes me a good host or an evil host, but it was fun. MiL0 took some “Polaroids” on her spiffy new Fuji automatic:

Dave had some extra neck, so I decided to buy it. It's flashed out, but that's a cheque.

Saira is just as unphotogenic as I am. She owes me one for the blurring.

Phil likes to eat moss. We also ate fungus. Yummy!

I don't know how she puts up with me!



3000+ square feet. Full length eight-foot skylights along each side. Thirty foot ceilings with large beams. Multiple levels. Plumbing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Gets better every time!

Pride Day

I forgot to post my pictures from Pride Day… Here's two… The first shows the behemoth of a crowd — I think it was something like 800,000 people. This photo only includes a tiny sliver of it. The second photo is proof that after probably four years I bumped into our old friend Kerrick… That was a surprise!

BBQ poll

lowphat's BME BBQ poll.
My answers are not so exciting, but…

1. what day did ya start partying? Just on Sunday I think.
2. where did ya stay? I slept on site.
3. how much did ya spend ($) overall? Around $2500, but I made back $1350 or so in donations. And I would have bought the fireworks anyway.
4. how many B.M.E.r's did ya have sex with? Just one!
5. how many did ya want to have sex with? Ha.
6. how many shot ya down? None.
7. how many peeps did ya see NAKED? I was outside all night — Closest I got was seeing Morbie half naked… But I hear PornForPunks will start posting the pictures today.
8. did ya steal any BEER from anyone? Yeah, I think I might have. But people stole it from me too, so I think it was a trade.
9. what was your drink of choice? I drank all sorts of beer — I think I had more Tsingato than any other though.
10. what was your food of choice? All I ate was a single cob of corn.
11. what did ya think of the pulls? The Jeep pull was especially amazing.
12. what did ya think of the suspensions? The “professional” suspensions on Sunday night were incredible, and freakshow54's on Sunday morning was really moving.
13. did ya make any new friends? I got to meet online friends in person, I assume that counts.
14. did anybody's looks surprise ya? Not really.
15. did ya have sex in any crazy places over the weekend? Nope.
16. did ya get a shirt? Yes, although it's a little big, but that's ok.
17. did ya donate any money? A fair amount, yes.
18. what was your favorite part of the day (BBQ)? Fireworks!
19. did ya get any bodypart signed and what part? None.
20. did ya get any blood on ya? Not the way most people did, but yes.
21. did ya get naked? Nope.
22. did ya get any mods while there (intown)? Nope.
23. would ya come again? Of course!
24. how many peeps kissed ya? A couple, but I was also given a BAG of kisses.
25. did ya get spanked at all and by what? Uh, no.