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Ha ha ha

So after almost smashing into another truck, I pull in at Second Cup behind a 1980 Silver Corvette with the t-top off. There's an over-the-top cliche'd looking Germanic guy, with a strong tan, chiselled features, and long blond hair slicked back… He couldn't stop combing it the entire time I was there. Anyway, this guy was as porno b-movie fabio funny looking as they come, and he kept scoping out everyone that walked past.

While I'm in second cup I walk over to Scott who was standing with some short guy with stretched ears… I say, “Hey, you've got to look outside if you want to see something really funny — there's a guy in his Corvette out there checking people out and he hasn't stopped combing his hair for five minutes!” Scott's friend says to me, “Yeah, he's a movie star.”

Then he leaves, and Scott cracks up as I watch him getting in the Corvette — that guy was his ride! Scott's friend builds sets or something, and it turns out the guy really was a movie star…! (I'm not sure if that excuses the look, but hey, who am I to talk? Yeah, I'm a very big glass house I know.)

Does anyone know what this is? I figure it is a hydraulic press of some sort:

Keebie Calling

I took it from ^NoMaD^ (aka Viperboy) who got it from keebie.

What would you modify on your body if you could?
Change some of the softness to hardness and move it around a little.

If you could change your first name what would you change it to?
I'd leave it the same. I'm named after Claude Shannon.

Does death scare you?
I've been dead, it's not a big deal. Just really boring.

Color of your ketchup?
I'm from Canada. Commie Red.

If you could have a dog what kind would you get?
I grew up with English Mastiffs, and miss them a great deal. If I wasn't so irresponsible, I'd have dogs now.

Do you sit on the toilet seat when you go poop?
What's the alternative? Bend over five feet away, push as hard as you can, and hope you hit your target?

Whats the most miles you've ever had on a car?
All from me? Not a lot. Maybe 15000km. I drive low mileage cars, and I tend to cycle through them pretty quickly.

Whats the farthest you have ever driven?
Dave and I drove to LA and back once in I think FOUR days of driving — that's around 10000km (about 6000 miles).

Whats the farthest you have ever been away from home?
Depends on where you decide home is. I think Switzerland is the farthest geographically.

Ever total a car?
No, the closest I got was smashing a Fury station wagon into an elevated diesel tank, taking out the tower and having it crunch the front of the car, soaking the vehicle in fuel. Luckily nothing ignited. I also had an engine-swapped RX7 burst into flames once while doing about 90mph in rush-hour traffic on the highway… oh, and my Manta once caught on fire too. But *I* have never totalled a car.

Fastest you have ever gone in a car?
My TT has an electronic limiter at 130mph (207kph)… So that's the fastest when *I* was at the wheel. I've driven on the autobahn in my uncle's Mercedes — we were going a bit faster, but not too much.

Can you drive stick?
I drive stick, fuck, I can even drive dual-stick tractors if you ask me to… It's not that hard!

Most annoying thing on iam?
The fact that some people would rather be assholes and fight instead of just enjoying themselves.

Do you buy weird stuff from eBay?
I have occasionally even sold weird stuff on eBay… and certainly have bought the occasional item but not for some time.

What was your first job?
I grew up in the country, so it was always stuff like haying, running combines, etc… But if you want a “real job” I guess it was baseball diamond liner.

Do you or have you ever played with legos?
If I hadn't, I'd have irresponsible parents (yes, I have).

Whats your homepage on your browser set to?
A custom page of bookmarks.

If you could bring an inanimate object to life what would it be?
Hmmm…. The Golem… Hmmmmmmmm….

Do you get dissapointed if your fart doesnt smell?
Yeah, you can tell who wrote this poll.


Picked up a V-Amp today… WOW! Totally fun piece of equipment. If you don't know what it is, it's an amp simulator… Basically you plug your guitar straight into the unit, and it pumps out what it would sound like run through any amp (plus effects) you'd like.

I've been amusing myself playing stuff I used to play in highschool… Anesthesia anyone…?

And you've got to love that postcard.


Went to visit the Vette today — because it was stashed behind a bunch of Ferraris and Porsches I wasn't able to drive it (next couple days), but it looks good other than a couple minor $25 cosmetic problems (missing knobs, crack in cover over centre console, etc). From the factory it was a 350/350HP with a 4-speed, but I'm told it's not any more… I'm not sure what's in it. With luck I'll know later today.

And here are some crappy photos of the soon-to-be-mine 1969 Vette:

Oh, and I checked eBay to see what they've been selling for and it looks like a fair trade.

And I just found out today that a former business associate of mine that we'd also heard was a pedophile is going around town with a 14-year old boy that he tells everyone is his “son”. Yeah, we really believe that — he's three inches taller than you, blonde, and blue eyed. You're a short obviously Jewish man… Hmmm… Considering this guy already has a reputation, and I suspect a record, you'd think he'd behave!

ModCon Shirts

ModCon shirts are currently printing. Below is a sample (although the colors are a little stronger in the final version)… Note: A few people have asked how to get ModCon shirts. You can't buy them; they're free to ModCon attendees.