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Some people were waaaayyy too amused by my bathroom reading. Code, and amazing book on the history of digital computers and programming. Then of course, Jane's gun guide…. A day before and she would have also found some secret government conspiracy book by Willian Cooper, but that didn't make the photo.


When people send me their digital camera pictures of their naughty bits, sometimes they accidentally drag too many files into the email and I end up with pictures from their vacation, or of their kids, or of the girlfriends, or sometimes… of their pets:


Woke up with a horrible headache. Made a bunch of calls regarding rental of gear and furniture for ModCon. Went for a walk. Picked up some food. Headache got worse. Felt nauseous. Threw up for an hour. Made a bunch more calls. Went to the bank. Gave them a lesson in how to use their software and then fixed their printers for them. Went to Artik. Will have a sample of the ModCon shirts this evening. Picked up the CoolPix 995. Got a coffee. Came back. Made a bunch more calls. Tried to install the software for the 995 on an old machine to test it. Didn't work. Decided it would be better to just put it on a laptop. Made some more calls. Handled some IAM politics. Felt sick some more. Etc.

Again, soon:

Don't let love go!

Unless something goes wrong, my Delorean is gone in the morning. As you probably know, I've owned a lot of (mostly) nice cars. I've also sold most of them (I only have so much storage space, and more importantly, only so much money). There's only one car I regret selling… I pine for it all the time…

My 1977 Corvette L-82… It was bright red with t-tops and had sidepipes. I'd built it to about 420 HP, but it would start to vibrate terrifyingly at 130kph. Still, I was smiling every time I drove it… I don't know why I ever sold it. Not that I'm alone in this mistake. A lot of people seem to let the great loves of their lives slip away for no good reason.

Anyway, the reason the Delorean might be gone — and the Delorean is a great car too, but I don't think I'm emotionally as attached — is that I've been offered a 1969 Corvette Convertible Stingray in trade. There's something really special about this era of Vette to me… I don't know if it's because it's the sportcars care I grew up with, or what. But I do know that it's no mistake that this is the car that the early astronauts all favoured… There's something really special about them.

In any case, the world has never producer a sexier car than this era of Corvette. IMO anyway.

The picture below is of my departed 77… If I'm lucky, I'll have a picture of me in a 69 by the end of the week.

Well, watch out in downtown Toronto for a purple convertible vette with a license plate that reads “L33T”. That's me!

Public ridicule anyone?

First let me warn you, going on a talk show is generally a bad idea. They'll lie to you, abuse you, and no matter how nice the producers seem, they'll fuck you over if it serves their interests. Remember, the producers are trained and paid to get you to come on the show — they don't really care about you. Also, they'll try and make you sign messed up releases and all sorts of stuff. If you go on a talk show, get everything you can in writing — I know some people who are desireable force them to sign “positive portrayal” contracts… And don't believe them when they say “Oh, even Elton John signed this release — it's standard.” And whatever you do, make them pay you at least a bit.

Anyway. If you still want to be made an ass of, I just got this email/press release from Evan Aaronson, under the subject line “Body Modificators Needed for New Talk Show”:

Do You Have a Conflict With Someone Close To You?

Whether it's a sibling, friend, roommate, boss, co-worker, or significant other, we all run into road bumps in our lives. While some of us deal with these obstacles, others of us remain indecisive on which direction we want to go.

If you're at an impasse in your relationship, we invite you to get off the fence and MAKE A CHOICE. Are you going to TALK it out, or WALK away?

Hosted by best-selling author and relationship expert, Michael Baisden, the new show, Talk or Walk features people from all walks of life who want to resolve their relationships.

After listening to both sides of the story, he and the studio audience offer insightful opinions as to whether reconciliation appears possilbe.

You can then make a more informed decision about which direction you want to take.

Most importantly, you can finally put an end to your indecision and bring your relationship to its proper conclusion.


NOTE: This show is done in a classy way - along the lines of Oprah.

Yeah, we really believe you that the show is going to be "classy". Ha. I guess if you feel like being abused on the air by Michael Baisden, go for it... Oh, and if you go there and refuse to sign their stupid release forms, they won't put you on the air, and they still have to pay for your lodging and airfare... hint hint! Free trip!