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BBQ Re-issues

I've printed 36 more BBQ shirts, and that's all. Those of you who contacted me asking for them have just been emailed a secret URL to purchase with. It's still first come first serve.

Those of you that mailed me with a shirt request but didn't tell me your shirt size, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do for you without that and now it's too late! Some of you I found old BMEshop orders for luckily… but the rest… :(

Ah ah ha ha ha

Subject: no subject


It is with great disgust that I contact you and tell you what a disgusting hideous abomination to GOd you and your friends are. It is so disgusting that anyone would commit such disgusting acts of self mutilation and torture. How can you just ruin your bodies like th is? Scarring and certainly many other consequences are associated with this crap...and for what cause? To ram a needle (a LARGE piece of metal compared to the relative size of cell structure) through your outermost layer of immune protection...through the dermal layers and then back out the other side...then replacing it with a piece of steel...what possesses someone to do this? (Other than the obvious, your lord and master Satan)

You and your culture certainly are insane...this is certain. It is unfortunate that you and your demonic friends have had to contaminate practically ever portion of the United States. Please do the world a favor-- kill yourselves.

Laundry time

Did laundry. Had a coffee. Some hobo-looking guy on a bike yelled something at me that sort of sounded like, “work out! get in shape!” I'm not sure if I should be insulted or inspired or just weirded out.

Spent laundry reading Home Power Journal, one of my favorite magazines. Dead on editorials regarding Californias power grid… Also read Shift for a while. I like Shift (and all the other similar magazines), but I'm getting tired of all these articles about “dot-com geniuses” and their failed companies. It's not fucking hard to run a company, these projects fail for a reason. I don't know why no one has the balls to point that out.

Anyway, I'm out the door now to have curry with Techknight at Ghandi's…


Time for another funmail from my letter-to-the-editor files. Let's start with anatomy. Every week, half the hood piercing experiences and photos are submitted as “clit piercings”. I understand that some dopey guys don't know the difference between a clitoris and a clitoral hood, but it always surprises me that women are largely unaware of their own anatomy:

From: Plightladie@***
Subject: Hood piercing

My name is laura about a month ago I got a vertical hood piercing. I have heard many people say that I will loose sensation after a while if I keep it in is this true ? Also some people call it a hood piercing yet it is on my clit? Please respond at plightladie@***
Thank you

I love that... She knows it's through the hood, but doesn't realize that there's any difference between the hood and the clit. Oh, and as far as the first question; yes, in a tiny amount of cases there is some desensitization from a vertical hood. If you get this, take the piercing out. No big deal if you're responsible!

Now, we always need one of these in every funmail:

From: "Tim Healy"
Subject: your site

I came across your site by accident and could not help looking. you are a bunch of sick people.It's not cool to mutilate yourself - just something stupid to try and shock people.who in their right mind would cut their balls off or hang steel balls from their snatch,take this silly twisted shit off the net,

...and I get this next one all the time too. It's always from people who never help. First of all, as most people are smart enough to realize, BME is largely free. The only paid sections are the adult areas. Tens of thousands of files of all sorts are free... But you're not going to find free wank material. And why does it have to be free anyway? It's not as if magazines are free.

From: Jeff & Anna Davis
Subject: like your page

just wanted actually to tell you that your pg. is bullshit. you need to change all this "FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE", crap and tell the truth.
modest mouse

I don't even particularly want to know the details of this next one! People offer all sorts of pictures and experiences to BME that are totally unrelated to body modification. I guess it's because of the various "sick site of the day" type places that link to BME. Some dope comes to BME, doesn't clue in to the fact that it's about body modification (all they can think is "gross stuff site") and makes some weird offer:

From: DarkAngel041@***
Subject: Any chance for a membership for one of my stories?

I once went with this girl who had a weird thing with her period? Mail me back.

This next one was actually an email to ModCon... I guess his internet connection went down or something:

From: pedrosilva75@***
Subject: a_bubu@***


I get tattoo messages all the time as well. Most people -- at least most people that email me -- seem to be unaware that tattoo artists can tattoo anything. Either that or they're just too self-loathing to be able to do anything but lift someone else's design.

From: dragyn@***
Subject: Tattoo

I saw a tattoo on your site and was wondering if it's possible to buy the art. My artist doesn't have it and it's so very cool. I understand if it's not possible if it's custom but could you just let me know the procedure? I'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,

If your tattoo artist can only do other people's designs, then you're not going to much of an artist! This next one is sort of similar. If you want a "Hunka Burnin Love Tattoo", just bring some pictures of these burning hunks to your favorite tattoo artist.

From: Michelle ***
Subject: Elvis Tattoos

I wonder if you can help me, I am looking for Hunka Burnin Love Tattoos or any tattoos with the Elvis Theme. I cannot find anything here in Scotland and you have a huge variety... Reason being, my partner is an Elvis fan and I would like to arrange for a tattoo to be done for him.
Thank you so much for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

...and so on...

From: mac399@***
Subject: PLEASE READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi i saw some tattoos i like on your web page . Words on your yuour web page say that the tattoos are copyright. I would like to know how can i go about to use the tattoo artist drawings so i could put it on my body. In others words can copy the tattoo i like so i can put it on my body. Please reply back to my question . Thank you - Carlos

This next one illustrates why it's important to follow the "no oral contact" instructions that your piercer gives you:

From: BabyGirlRobyn513@***
Subject: please help i just got my lip pierced....

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago or so, i got my lip pierced yesterday i kissed some boy now my lip is huge and all yucky a swallon and it hurts really bad and my glans are all swallon....i went to the store i got it done at the piercer said to clean it with sea salt listeren mouth rash and glyocside mouth i have to take it out am i in danger please PLEASE! write back to me!!!!!!
thank you, robyn

...I sure how that boy didn't have hepatitis!

POP drink MOV stomache, drink PUSH can

OK, I've decided the thing below (open submission galleries) is a bad idea… I'll do something like it in the future, but doing the gallery thing like that would work for the responsible members of IAM, but is just begging to be abused. It's one of those things I'll have to think about for a couple months to really implement right.

More Old Pictures

I want to emphasize old. Nothing like this can be found at my house nowadays. I vote marijuana party in the elections because I believe that legalization is simply the start of a much larger process. I'm not a pot smoker, and with brief exceptions, never really have been. I'm not straightedge either, and in fact, I think that modern straightedge is a closed minded concept that really misses the point. I agree that drugs are usually abused, but responsible use can be an important part of spiritual development. I just don't happen to be responsible, so I don't do them (unless you count caffeine and alcohol).

Well, back to coding for me…