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…oh god…

Steve is torturing me… He just paseed me this URL:


That's not even that much money. No more than buying a few houses in a city. That island is big enough that we could house a few hundred IAM members, plus more than enough farming to make it self sufficient, plus a server farm and IT offices to generate money… I'm not even kidding. This is my five-year goal…

(Not that island specificly, but that idea in general).

Kooky Cooking Class

What did I eat for supper?

First I fried some extra firm tofu in Absolut Vodka. Then I chopped up all the veggies I had in the house (onion, green pepper, zuccini, and mushroom) and threw those in too. Then I poured half a bottle of leftover “green monster” juice, and covered that with sprouts. Then I added a package of scallops and covered it with soy sauce. Then I had to transfer it to a bigger pan to fry it up with chow mein noodles. I sprayed it down with garlic spray and then poured on half a bottle of Dave's Island Stinger (a rum cooler). Finally I poured on a bunch more soy sauce and then let it sit.

I went to go and do work in the other room — just for a few minutes in theory but I forgot I was cooking… Until, of course, I was alerted by a burning smell. Thank god I'd cooked a lot — even though the bottom half was burned beyond recognition, the top half was still VERY yummy.

ModCon memories

Check out this great picture Kylie just sent me of Steve, Shawn, Monte, and me at last years uberparty. Ack, I have soooo much work to do… It's only two weeks until this year's!

"sometimes i dream suspension"

My kitchen guerilla editing suite:

(It might not look like 
much, but that's about 
$10,000 of high-end gear!)


As most of you know, some of you saw, and a handful of took part in, PornForPunks spent about six hours in my basement shooting with IAM members at the July 1st BBQ. They've posted the three photosets, and have a few hundred more photos to add over the next week I'm told.

You can go to their site and check it out, but you'll have to drop $7.95 and get yourself a password.