Suspensions (entry 2/2)

OK, things did get a little silly last night. First my “scientific curiosity” got the best of me. TSD rates an “expert level” suspension as anything that puts between 40 and 80 pounds of weight per hook. I decided that I'd try and see what would happen if you put 250 pounds on ONE hook in an ARM. The bet was will it:

A. Hurt but work fine.
B. Straighten the hook and drop me.
C. Tear a big chunk out of my arm and drop me.

Well, they hoisted me up, and the hook did bend a little, but then with a huge POP, the entire length of the hook tore out of my arm, spraying blood and chunks of fat everywhere — there were fat cells all over my shirt, and some hit Marty in the face. Luckily Blair was there and eight stitches later I'm good as new.

Then to top it off, Marty, Monstar, and Orbax decided to play a game of suspension one-upmanship. (Yeah, I know it's deeply irresponsible, and probably a little sacreligious, but hey, sometimes you've got to have some fun). I'd say the top moment of that game was Monstar climbing to the top of the tower with four suicide hooks in his back and JUMPING off the top of the tower to get caught by his hooks!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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