Funmail you say?

My tattoo appointment got cancelled, so I figure that means I need to slip in a funmail.

From: Kmf0816@***
Subject: hey I have a question

Hey I wanna get my tatto from "Smiling Budda" in GA, but I need the add. to find it... could you please e-mail me back w/ it...

My response: “I don't know if it's the same in Georgia, because I'm in Canada, but here we have a service where the phone company can tell you the numbers and addresses for businesses. Up here you just dial “411” and tell them the name and city and they help you. I assume it's the same there. If not, just dial “0” to reach the operator and they can walk you through it. Even if the phone company there doesn't tell you the address, I'm sure that with their phone number they'll be accomodating in helping you find them — they'll probably even give you directions. If they don't want to do this for you, you should probably go to a different studio.”

I know it was a bit of a rude answer, but come on… It's insulting for someone to be too lazy to even look up an address themselves.

A while back I deleted an account because on his page it said: “Things that make me frown: HOMOS.” If you're so immature that someone else's sexuality upsets you, you're definitely not mature enough to be here… And among other things, BME and IAM have a very high “homo” population. When I removed him I got the following:

This has to do with my page being deleted for "using my page to tell the world I hate "homos." Where no where in my page did it say the word hate. I said and I quote, "Things that make me frown." Why is it that people can bash a religion yet I should feel like I would have to hide my opinion on this subject. So what if I, or someone else would be offended by people bashing Christianity or any religion? I didn't even use a derogatory word. Homo is a shortened form of the word Homosexual. I wasn't trying to offened any of the members or any of the Gay Community. I used the page to express myself and let the people who visited my IAM page know more about me. I've read posts before of people who write you mail and then they get posted in your forums, to be honest I don't care, you can ride my ass. I'm not wrong on this. The TOS says malicious. I hardly think the word Homo or Frown constitutes Malicious, but hey, your the guy that makes the rules, so apparently in the crazy BME world, those words do constitute malice.

I replied that “IAM is not for closed-minded idiots. If you want to be one in your own space, fine. But when I'm paying the bandwidth and cpu bills, you're not doing it.” It's not as if wishy-washy hatred is somehow better than full on rage. Immediately I got back:

You don't even have the common decency to do anything other than slander me? Fuck you you son of a bitch. I didn't say shit to you, yet I'm an idiot. Can't accept that you are wrong? Read a dictionary, figure out what malicious is you fuckin homo. See right there, that's when I am using it as a derogatory remark. Learn the difference. Oh will this one land me in the funmail? Stick it up your ass you fuck. By being the head of a memberbased webpage you should learn to deal with people in a better manner than calling them idiots when they did nothing to you. Once more, fuck you.

Well, you know what? Anyone else who wants to use IAM's resources to tell the world how they hate gays or blacks or anything else like that can go do it on their own community. Call me a facsist or malicious all you want, but it's going to continue to be the policy. I'd rather lose a paying member than support that sort of thing.

There was another idiot that spammed everyone on IAM once he got his IAM page. You might remember his “hey there this is addam on bme.. just thought i'd say hi there and let you know about a project i'm working on. it's a web-zine, hopefully in which, i can get bme kids into [and so on].” His account was of course removed — and he's lucky his domain wasn't yanked as well. Most ISPs are not cool with spamming. So he sent me this:

so im curious why my bme page is gone and i wasted a lot of my time on your site.

My reply: “You thought it would be OK to spam people? You're lucky your entire domain hasn't been yanked.” Here's his reply… I was shocked a person could be this stupid:

so basically your a nazi and you don't understand that when people freely post they're email address on the web, it grants people the privilege to email them. thanks for making my efforts wasted in iam.bme. Hail Shannon!

Yeah, the web exists so that people can post their email for spam. I'm holding back your right to profit — if I'm not a nazi, maybe I'm a commie, right? The following is more typical of the mail I get:

From: Redrose3231@***
Subject: (no subject)

I WANNA PIERCE TONGUE but my mom said NO whyyy ??

This is fairly common as well, this and people asking me how they'd go about copying one of the tattoos they saw on the site:

From: lilprincessrage03@***
Subject: where?

Where is Body Modification Ezine is? Does it have anywhere in Virginia? I want to know because I live in Virginia, and I want to get me vertical labret, septum, sunshield, 16ga, pocketing forearm, lip ring, and superman suspension.. That is all I want to know where BME is and nearby Virginia...
Could be part of your customer,
C*** T***

PS. Shan is back, and under the same name. However, if he's on your buddy list, delete him and then re-add him since some of the system's internal references to him have changed.

PPS. In about four hours, I'm having dinner with the twins.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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