The Final Frontier has a new beginning

Wheeee! My birthday (September 29th) “afterparty” on the 30th will include the premiere of Star Trek Enterprise! There's not a lot I remember from my early childhood, but I do remember watching Star Trek with my family — one of the few pleasant full-family events I remember in fact… So I sure am looking forward to Enterprise!

For those of you who live under several rocks, sheltered from the glory of Star Trek, living under the illusion that Star Wars is sci-fi (sorry kids, it's a G-rated children's movie), here's a synopsis of what Enterprise is (from UPN):

“A pre-quel set early in the 22nd century — bridging the gap between today's world and that of the original “Star Trek” — Enterprise focuses on the history of the galactic upheaval that leads to the formation of The Federation. Through their struggles, humans, vulcans, and numerous others, together will learn to work and live in harmony. Compelling tales of team bravery and individual heroism are sure to answer countless questions for die-hard fans of the series and capture the imagination of newcomers to the “Star Trek” universe.”

If you still don't get it, this comes BEFORE tos. It's sort of a “first-contact” show as far as I can tell… As they say in Yello, ohhhh yeahhh.

PS. I will ignore all messages telling me to watch re-runs of Babylon 5 instead.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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