Monthly Archives: August 2001

More animals

Sighted earlier today by MiL0 and me:


…the dimwits at Panzerotto Pizza screwed up my order, so I've got to wait for a replacement. So in the meantime:

I thought I already lived in Babylon?

A nice picture of the beach at Long Point.

The Big Apple (pie store and hockey museum).

Sitting on a scary cliff getting bitten by horseflies.

Want to live on an island?

Sitting on the beach at Point Petre.

An ostrich farm!

Another view of Point Petre.

Swimming in very smelly water at Little Bluff.

Wading at Point Petre. Also smelly.

Scary houses…

I'm always scouting locations for potential filming. I've eyed both of these houses before, and finally got around to taking a picture. I really doubt the teenagers that break in to those places to drink ever make it out…?

Driving fun

…I'll post a pile of travel pictures later tonight (I have to eat some pizza first), but I hope that there are some people here who might find these shots amusing. The number would have been much higher, but as you can see traffic was packed, and it took some serious life risking to even hit 205… But it was fun (well, I thought so, I'm not sure if Saira thought so).

Damn dirty apes

…they climbed on my car!