Monthly Archives: August 2001

Book stuff

It's getting closer and closer. As you can see below I have the color section totally finished (well, it'll still get a lot of massaging). The b/w section is similar, with lots of text and a zillion photos. I'm very excited about how this book is going — I really think it'll be a landmark. It's really the first time the general public has been presented with anything like this…

I'm waiting on a quote right now for the book. 8.5″x11″, 24 full sheets of 1/1, plus 4 full sheets of 4/4, plus a 4/0 for the cover (ie. 112 pages, 16 of which are full color, plus a full color cover). Add to that a DVD glued into the inside of the back cover, plus individual shrinkwrapping. Quantity: 10,000. Hope that's not getting too ambitious! (For comparison, including overrun, we printed about 750 copies of the first book).

A potential design…

I've got to get back to “real work” again soon, but here's the idea I've been playing with for a BBQ shirt. Same deal as before, $20 CDN, available only at the BBQ. If you don't come, you can't get one (unless you send a golem to get one for you).

Naturally, the rings on the front glow in the dark.

Makeup Tips For Today's Teens

Those of you in the 416/905/519/613/313/514 areas that Neksis is distributed in may have seen its recently released and greatly improved second issue… Among other things it includes a one page article by me:

It's been edited a little, but it's basically what I wrote. I can't believe they printed those pictures in a general circulation magazine!

I also bumped into an old aquantaince today that works for CORE magazine… I think they might be doing a little feature as well. I hope Phil doesn't mind, but I invited their writer to come on the 12th for the suspension party. It'll be a change from interviewing Jeanine Garofalo!

SpyBot added

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In about half an hour I'm going out to a funeral… A sort of burial at sea I guess. Actually, it's a double funeral. Well, the funeral happened three years ago or maybe two. I don't really know. We might go and try and find the gravestone as well.