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Sample letters

Here is a copy of the letter that I have sent to Gov. Siegelman. I urge everyone to write a similar letter and MAIL (as well as email) it to him:

Dear Gov. Siegelman,

I was shocked and dismayed to hear your recent statements that men should not wear earrings, and that "If God had wanted boys to wear earrings, he would have made them girls." Perhaps being a boy you were not aware of this, but God didn't actually create girls with pierced ears either. God also doesn't cut either girls or boys hair, and God doesn't create boys circumcised. These are decisions that we have made as people. If you'd like to follow God's intentions for us, perhaps you need to institute laws requiring boys to be pierced -- after all, this was the norm in Biblical times for men. Of course that would be ridiculous though; it is essential in a free society that people have the right to make these decisions for themselves.

I was extremely concerned to hear you say that people with piercings are "stupid" and look like "fools". Perhaps you are unaware of God's teachings, and prefer to simply use his name to project your own hatred, but even the casual Christian must be aware of Matthew 7:1. I am truly outraged at the hatred you project in your support of expelling a child simply for an aesthetic expression that hurt no one. I have to wonder what message this sends to the children of Alabama. I can certainly tell you that the message it's sending me about Alabama is not a good one.

If this was an argument based upon safety or concern for quality education we might find common ground even as we disagreed. However, both the malice in your words and the fact that you applied them only to boys betray the fact that this is a projection of your personal feelings. While you have a right to your feelings, as a public servant you do not have the right to apply your misguided and fundamentally blasphemous interpretation of the Bible to others, and certainly not in schools. It is an abuse of your power and it terrifies me that a "free society" could treat a child in this way.

I hereby demand that you allow Dustin Weaver to return to school with his body as he and his parents desire. In addition, I demand a public apology for your hurtful words.


Rev. Shannon Larratt

I'll give you another example — feel free to use parts of either of ours, but your own feelings are always stronger than a formletter:

Dear Gov. Siegelman,

I am writing in reference to the comments you made in the press conference regarding the young boy wearing earings to school: "I don't think guys ought to be wearing earrings. I think kids who put metal in their tongues are idiots. Parents ought to be there talking to their kids and saying, 'You know what kind of fool you look like with an earring? If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he'd have made you a girl."

Being a member of the Armed forces I realize that I personally cannot have my ears pierced for reasons such as health and because I represent the United States of America.But for you to make a comment like that makes me wonder why I would give my life to protect the rights of our Great Nation.

You, yourself wear glasses, So if someone told you that "God must have wanted you to have vision problems" then you would think that they were Crazy and yet you make a similar comment about males wearing earings.

So far I have given four solid years of my young adulthood to hopefully help our nation live free.I spent seven months in Bosnia seeing the horrors of the war, starving children,mass graves,churches and mosques where hundreds of women and children were slaughtered and I return home only to hear the Governor of one of our great FREE states refered to the Future leaders of America and the children of his voters as "Idiots" and "fools".

Someday these same children WILL be the ones on the front lines who protect your rights and values on a future battlefield! It makes it so much harder to protect this countries rights when they are being violated from within.

Sincerly Yours

CPL *** ***

And the asshole award goes to…

Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama, for his wonderful statement at a recent press conference:

“I don't think guys ought to be wearing earrings. I think kids who put metal in their tongues are idiots. Parents ought to be there talking to their kids and saying, 'You know what kind of fool you look like with an earring? If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he'd have made you a girl.”


This was in reference to an eight year old boy recently expelled from school for wearing an earring. For more information, please visit:

Let me STRONGLY urge everyone to contact the governors office or even call in a complaint to him at 334-242-7100. This is not only a MASSIVE violation of the boy's civil rights (there is no ban on girls wearing earrings), but is also a malicious hate crime perpetrated on us by the state. It is an act that CAN NOT go unchecked.

A civil (not insulting) snailmail letter is the most effective method. It can be sent to him at:

Governor Don Siegelman
State Capitol
Room N-104
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130


Some people are way too nice!

"I see dead people"

A few people thought I was being unfeeling when I mentioned Aaliyah's death in a way that made it quite clear that I didn't really give a damn about it one way or the other. Let me quote from one of the emails I got (and I want to point out that I don't think poorly of this person, I'm just quoting them because they said what they wanted to more clearly than most):

"Most of the time I am in agreement with the things that you say on BME. This time I am not. Sadness about another humans passing for me has less to do with the circumstances in which it occurred and more to do with feeling that a young persons life was over too soon. I didn't know Aaliyah, and neither did many of her fans, but as a collective, as humans and individuals, isn't it really ok to to feel sad about her death? Or should we all just suck it up and not give a fuck about anyone?...
Maybe its the constant media coverage, or the fact that you feel that death isn't worth getting worked up over... ...eight people lost their lives and they were loved and appreciated while they were here, and respected when they were gone."

Let me point something out. Death is not uncommon, and 99.999% of the time, nobody cares. Millions of people die weekly. 34,000 children under five die of hunger related causes every day. Over three million people die a year from diarrhea — these are all avoidable deaths, making them far more tragic. Almost 75,000 people have died of AIDS in California alone. Add in Hepatitis and make it a world-wide number, and we're talking about a colossal plague.

These deaths are preventable, and almost no one cares. Almost no one mourns these deaths or does anything about it.

But when a young beautiful wealthy celebrity dies because they forced their pilot to overload their plane with their precious luggage, everyone is in tears. But when millions die in part because of the greed of Western culture, who cares, right? I've got a big TV and a sports car, why should I care? I've got my top-40 dance radio, and oh woe is me, the person of the moment isn't putting out any more music to sell me bubble gum with… Except of course for a few posthumus singles which will sell best of all.

In any case, I hope you understand that it's not death that I am mocking — it's the fact that outside of their friends and family, most people only care about celebrity deaths.


A small (150+ image update) is uploading now. There's some cool stuff in the free sections, including a horizontal tongue and some vertical lowbrets… But there's some really fun kooky stuff in BME/HARD — among other things, a couple enjoying themselves after a saline and pumping session, and a guy with a urethral reroute piercing using it to spray butane out of his urethra and turning his penis into a flamethrower!

Here are two censored and reduced teaser pictures… If you want to see the full sets at high resolution you have to be a BME/HARD member: