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Friday morning

It doesn't hurt, but I do seem to be losing some functionality in my right hand:

I'm not allowed to tell you what I'm doing this morning, so let me show you a traceroute. This is from one of our servers in Toronto to one of our personal computers on a Toronto @home network:

1 ( 0.641 ms 0.518 ms 0.533 ms
2 ( 0.619 ms 0.721 ms 0.662 ms
3 ( 0.804 ms 0.888 ms 0.856 ms
4 ( 0.573 ms 0.464 ms 0.659 ms
5 ( 1.517 ms 1.494 ms 1.354 ms
6 ( 19.217 ms 18.749 ms 18.872 ms
7 ( 18.646 ms 18.646 ms 18.817 ms
8 ( 18.853 ms 18.344 ms 18.674 ms
9 ( 34.340 ms 170.699 ms *
10 ( 142.410 ms * 96.190 ms
11 * ( 88.014 ms 202.151 ms
12 ( 106.291 ms * *
13 * * ( 26.839 ms
14 ( 21.550 ms * *
15 * ( 22.817 ms 43.221 ms
16 * * *
17 * * *

Amused? Here's how @home decided to route Toronto to Toronto traffic today: Toronto, New York, Washington, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Buffalo, then finally got back to Ontario. Ha ha ha… Here's what it SHOULD look like (this is if I route through TorIX instead):

1 ( 0.841 ms 0.915 ms 0.788 ms
2 ( 1.07 ms 6.09 ms 1.27 ms
3 ( 2.79 ms 2.70 ms 2.57 ms
4 ( 4.97 ms 4.80 ms 3.98 ms
5 ( 7.35 ms 7.21 ms 7.50 ms

In any case, I'm off now. I'll be back in the early afternoon, and will do an experience update and continue working on the ModCon video. I'll be posting a clip or two from that, but because my coffers are so low right now, it's going to be at a secret URL available only to paying members and paypal contributors (so if you're one of those, watch your email for the next week).


What else to do on a lazy Sunday morning, right?

From: tycub@***
Subject: Missing the target

I have loved surfing your personals in the past, but now it's so complicated...too bad. I would join again, too expensive.

Here's the punchline. BME had personals a long time ago that were nice and simple. Then when IAM came along, I upgraded the personals to a much more robust version — they could do a lot more, but overall, people preferred the old one. So I went back to the old system. SAME AS BEFORE. And they're STILL 100% FREE to use… So… If anyone complains that they're too complicated now, since the systems is the same, it must mean that they're getting stupider…

Speaking of stupid people, here are two of them now:

From: karol@***
Subject: tralala

what is this page about?

From: NattiBlue22@***
Subject: (no subject)

i am really interested in seeing some of the work that you do if there is a website where i can actually go please let me know...

I'd like to know how someone could find a reference to me and not have included a reference to the website… And my email isn't that prominent on the site — how does a person not know these answers by the time they find the email?

This next bunch is truly bizarre. Instead of writing me an email, he sends me blank emails with cryptic messages in the subject line, and sometimes he includes his message in the “To” line as well!

Subject: my cretcard is aviable gas bar ivrey place no proble your site no way ?

To:,,,,,, refuse??????
Subject: Refund

Subject: a want to bi member my credet card is god wy aave no acess?????

Subject: i m asking to bi a member altthe help

Subject: you dond acpet my card wat do i douw

Subject: 1 day free as member for 1 yers

Subject: (pas d'objet)

Subject: 1 day pass

Subject: avril may ?

Subject: 1 day free acss i love your sita

Subject: my card is god wy not for you

Subject: i am member dou yee bes

Subject: my pas word as no acc cast wy ?

Subject: i ave not verifier wit my cr card ih yor dit not get your fy y wil si dat you will bi pay mi orthographe is no good sorry iwill pay you wit intrest

Subject: i m a merber is tath wat you ave for nollo try your bes

Subject: wy don ave acess tou xxjivchard

Subject: i love your site your bes wood by nyce tank you

Subject: i wil lik mor
Subject: mor eunucs mor nullification now callery

Ack, kooky stuff! I've tried to communicate with him, but haven't really had any luck at all (big surprise, right?)… Let's finish it off today with an AOL-bashing classic:

From: Devilishjess***
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 01:26:30 EDT
Subject: (no subject)



Pentagram or Pentacle?

I've gotten this particular email a number of times in a number of incarnations from well-meaning but misguided people. I get similar messages about ManWoman as well, regarding the swastika — those have mostly disappeared though as people learn more.

From: nice_dream@***
Subject: An offensive error in your page.

Under the Scarification section of your webpage, under Misc. Cuttings (the top left picture link), on the 2nd and 3rd picture pages there is an error that has offended me and will probably offend others. I am probably the only person who will actually take the time to write to you about it. The word "Pentagram" is used on one of the cuttings of an upright star. The correct term is "Pentacle". The marking shown is a Wiccan symbol and is used by many Pagans. The upright star is a symbol for spirit, air, earth, fire, and water, all of the elements of our religion. If the star were to be flipped it would be called a Pentragram (which is the word/symbol used in Satanism). By associating the word "Pentagram" with the picture of a "Pentacle" your website is helping to further the miseducation of the public about Witchcraft, and is helping contribute misconceptions about our religion. Please change the caption for this picture, and help everyone know that we aren't Satan Worshippers after all.
Thank you.
Mandi*** ***

My reply was:

Hate to break it to you, but you're just repeating propaganda and misinterpreted history typical of neopagans that don't really have any understanding of the history of Wicca or the history of the pentagram or the meaning of the word — sort of like how many Christians don't understand anything except some messed up rhetoric told to them by the minister.

A pentagram is a five pointed star, with no indication of orientation. If it's called an “inverted pentagram” the two points are up. If not, it's called an “upright pentagram”. The words pentagram and pentacle are interchangeable — look it up in a dictionary and under pentacle you'll quite likely see “see pentagram”. It's only modern (20th century) neopagans and satanists who have attempted to create a difference between the two. It should be noted that this is primarily a political action, and has no real basis in history as either a purely Wiccan or “Satanic” symbol. Like many other “basic” symbols, it was used by numerous other groups, the Greeks, Egyptians, Christians, Babylonians, Jews, etc.

Why don't I just label it a “Pentalpha”? That's what the Greeks called it, since it was composed of five A's.

In any case, if you want to assign religious value to it on some level, that's your problem. But don't try and tell me that a five pointed star isn't a pentagram. Next you'll want to tell me that I can't call a four-sided shape a square any more — it has to be called a “sacred google box”.

If someone sends me a picture and says “this is a tattoo of my holy cross”, I'll label it as such. If someone tells me that the cross in fact means they're straightedge, I'll label it as is. But if someone doesn't tell me what they'd like theirs called, I'll just say what it is.


Defending homophobes

A few people have said I was too hard on the “I frown when I see homos” guy… Sorry, this isn't one I'm backing down on. That wishy-washy “I'm just saying my opinion, I don't hate anyone” type of homophobia is far more insidious than some gay-bashing idiot.

More importantly, it's looking like a bunch of us might be in Amsterdam at the start of October (lets say 7th to the 15th or something like that). I'm not suggesting that it be a group trip — everyone likes a different hash bar or sex club anyway — but if anyone else is in the area at the time it might be fun to do a munch of sorts.

Suspension pix

mal and Diosa have posted tons of pictures of their pulling, along with the other festivities last weekend (inlcuding my messed up arm). If you want to see, go to the following URL: