Sad day

The following letter was just delivered to me (excerpt):

It has been brought to my attention by my insurers that you have installed a steel structure on a concrete wall that belongs to 241 Bthurst Street. This wall is not your property nor is it the property of the your [sic] landlord.

It has been further been advised by our insurers that you must have this steel structure removed immediately due to liability. Please expediate this request immediately as directed by our insurance company.

It has also been brought to our attention that on Saturday, August 4, 2001, you used the property for parking vehicles due to a party that you had at your rented premises. In future, you do not have our authorization to park any vehicles whatsoever nor do you have our authorization to drive or use this lot for any purpose whatsoever. Please to not trespass or use this lot for any purpose whatsoever.

I don't know what they're talking about as far as parking or a party on the 4th… Plus the letter is not signed and has no contact information whatsoever except one word, “Management”, so it's far from any sort of legal warning. In addition, it is addressed to “Mr. Shane”.

That said, it leaves us with no choice but to take down the tower. However, that's not all bad — I'm already drawing out sketches on how to convert it into a free-standing structure. All we have to do is move it about ten feet closer to my house and it becomes legal.

This does mean a few important things though for this weekend:

  • This weekend will be the last time this rig, as it is located now, will be used for suspension.
  • When you come this weekend, stay out of the lot and don't park on it.
  • When you're at the BBQ, stay in the BACK laneway to avoid getting the police called on us. If it overflows, let's overflow into the PARK next to my house, not the empty lot.
  • We'll have a donation bucket — these donations will be paying to build a new base for the rig so we can keep having these events. It's a good cause, and help is appreciated.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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