Shannon's Ghetto Adventure

So it turns out Central Corvette did have a mirror afterall, so I whipped up there (it's about a forty minute drive) only to find out that while they had the mirror, they didn't have the mounting hardware. So I put that on order (it's all of $2.00, but because it's discontinued, it has to be ordered from the US), as well as a pair of sidepipes.

On my way home, I find myself passing through one of Toronto's few black suburbs — not a Jamaican community like where I've lived before, but black in the African American sense of the word. Now, I don't know if tattooed guy in an old Vette screams out “here's a piece of white trash to fuck with”, but that's certainly the effect it had. What I'm about to describe was happening only to me as far as I could tell. (I had similar stuff happen to me in Quebec, thanks to having Ontario plates, but that's another story).

It was stop and go traffic with moments of open space. Whenever I was trapped inbetween cars, black guys, most of them in import racers, would pull up beside me and rev their engine as if they wanted to race and look over and glare at me. Seeing that I was trapped and clearly couldn't go anywhere, they'd squeal their tires and take off. Then of course my lane would eventually take it's turn to move, and inevitably I'd move ahead of their cars. I guess that was some affront to them — the first time they'd just pull up beside me and scream at me from their car (I couldn't understand though because they were blasting rap at top volume). Then it escalated into them faking ramming me with their cars… Pretty fucked up stuff.

As this was happening there was a full-on Rasta guy blasing reggae out of his SUV bemusedly watching it all, clearly wondering what was wrong with these idiots repeatedly posturing at me… For all I know it wasn't a racial thing, it may even have just been a macho thing related to Vette-envy. No matter why though, it was very very strange.

Finally I made it back downtown and picked up all the frames for the ModCon prints. They taught me how to put them together, so that's part of my night's to-do list. I'm also editing a video for BMEradio tomorrow! There will be a low-resolution video posted on BMEradio, as well as a high-res video. The low-res one will be free to download, and the full quality one will require a BME membership (sorry, I can't keep giving away 40 meg downloads!).

Oh, and if you didn't notice, the update is done. Through some miracle it didn't crash while I was on the road.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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