I hate dressing up

I really hate dressing up. I almost lost it when my mother wanted me to dress up for graduation. I was very unhappy when I was told I'd have to wear slacks for Ryan and Corrie's wedding. It makes me feel like I'm being told that there's something wrong with the way I decide to dress normally, and that to fit in with “proper” society I have to conform and use elaborate clothing to hide who I am… On many levels, it makes me feel opressed. So why am I willing to dress up for ModProm?

Two reasons:

First, I see ModProm's dressing up sort of like I see Halloween. It's all for fun — it's not to try and meet some standard that society has decided is proper. I'm not doing this to try and meet some standard that has no bearing on my life, I'm doing it because it amuses me.

Second, I see taking the prom dresscode and appropriating it as an act of social revolution. Normally these events are about covering up tattoos and piercings, and trying to “look good” in some perverse way that speaks of society, not of the individual. This takes that and subverts it — it says to the world, don't try and tell us how to look. We can have fun and get all dressed up, and SHOW OFF our tattoos and piercings. If you've got a backpiece, wear a backless dress!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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