Want an amazing summer job?

(Reprinted from the Project Drop Out, Tune In webpage)

We are currently finalizing the purchase of land in Ontario, Canada. Over the summer of 2002 we will build at least one self-sufficient earthship on this land. This will be done not by contracters, but entirely by untrained volunteers.

So… Do you want a “summer job”? We can't pay you, but you will be fed and housed, and you'll get in shape and learn lots of new skills. You'll also get to be a part of something very special — you'll see how an investment of under $25,000 can be turned into a self-sufficient environmentally responsible house on beautiful land, with no mortgage!

You can stay as long or short as you'd like — you don't need to stay all summer. You can even come just for a few days if you'd like. For those that stay for the entire summer though, we are entirely open to the concept to shaving off land from our lot and helping you build a ship as well.

This offer is open to everyone. If you'd like to come up for the summer, or a weekend in the summer, or whatever you have time for, I promise you you'll see something that'll open your eyes.

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