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Working, yes…

The update is crawling along… The plaigerism bot crashed, so it delayed everything a little — there are now well over TWO THOUSAND experiences in the tongue section alone. I'm still going to do my best to get the experience update and the forums all up by the time I go to bed today.

I got this picture below from one of my favorite car sites. It was snapped at the Frankfurt Motor Show… It's a 2001 Peugot Moonster concept (obviously they'll never actually make this car, it was the result of an internet design contest).

Anyway, check out for more from the show, including the new Lamborghini (which still looks a lot like a Diablo to me). I suspect that because they have the Lambo pictures is why their site is crawling right now…

Kit Cars

I saw an article, I think on MSNBC somewhere, listing “10 things to do” in this time. One of them was to urge your congressperson to increase Alternative Fuel initiatives (solar power, wind power, electric cars, etc.). I wish I'd had the sense to shoot video of it, but we got to see the new 30-story high wind generator in Pickering a while ago, and it's an incredible sight. NOW magazine here in Toronto is sponsoring a contest where they're giving away an electric Dauphine (I think that's what it's called) by FeelGoodCars. I saw one in person (it was getting a stereo installed) about six months ago; they're really pretty little things.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about kit cars again, and remembered how perfect these things are for electric retrofitting. There are always lots for sale on eBay at decent prices. Retrofitting is generally a five to ten thousand dollar investment though as far as know though, but over time, it equals out.

I've always been a fan of the Scarab. This is actually not a full car, it's the front suspension and steering from a VW Beetle, and then any old motorcycle welded to the front. Even if not converted to run on alternative fuels, it's a relatively low-consumption vehicle.

This is a March Hare — there were a few other vehicles in the same vein, most notably the Meyers-Manx SR that attempted to take the “vibe” of a dunebuggy and create an all-season exotic car. Another real easy electric conversion — there are adaptors allowing big electric engines to be bolted straight to the VW tranny and wiring kits as well. This is the type of conversion that can be done in a home garage.

The rights to the Invader GT molds are actually currently owned by an electric car company, along with the old Kelmark molds. Unlike the March Hare, it's running on a full-length wheelbase and has lots of room for batteries. Personally I think it's kind of ugly (the shot above is from a flattering angle), but it sure is exotic.

Of course, if you just want to go stupid-fast, you can't really go wrong with a big V8.

FDA approved?

Signs like this hang outside many studios. Some are reputable, some are not. But know what you're reading — safe and sterile should be a given in any studio, and I hope that by now most of you can identify a sterile studio.

As far as “licensed”, that's usually meaningless — there is no licensing in the US or anywhere else in the world that speaks for the quality of the piercer. It often means that nothing but a cursory inspection has been done by an unqualified member of the local health board. Finally, there is NO SUCH THING as FDA approved jewelry. Some of the materials in the jewelry may be approved for use in food services or implants, but they are not approved (or unapproved) for use in body jewelry.

Never trust a sign — educate yourself, and you will be able to make safe decisions for yourself and your friends.


Thanks to enthalphy for these pictures of stompyboy and crew pulling. They're not on BME yet because Jon uses .tar to send files, and my bots just aren't that smart…


Thanks to Erica for sending this to me. The ENQUIRER may think they have the “exclusive”, but she's had photos on BME since February 1999. Fourteen inches is a stunning size to cinch down to — my neck is bigger than that!

Oh, and this September 12th update is going to be a beast. I have only about a fifth of the images processed and I think I've added around 500 so far.