The Musical Box

The IAM CD is coming along REALLY well. There's been some amazing music contributed. The short-list of tracks that I have tagged for the CD probably fill up more than one CD, so I'm considering doing a double CD! Currently shortlisted are tracks by: agni 13 kudra, alk_99, ashrana solitude, beniko, bighippy, blasphemor, blueeyes.blackheart, brodimus, buddhadave ,casketcrewchic, chaka, daddylonglegz, dolly gagger, dragonshope112, dualspeedwh_re, dx_m, eden gone mad, elleinad, eroxthis, exil, fat-e, fourmi audacieux, innerself, jack sordid, jared, jboyle, jj valentine, johnl, jon hassal, kali black, madmax, maharahj, mattie cack., midian2000, nny, peachymarie, pongo, ptomb, pulp44622, raygun, redstars717, saint808, scarred, set aside, silverbat, slink, the eternal, xklintx, xscottx.

Note: If you submitted a track but are not on that list, it doesn't mean you won't be on the CD, nor does being on the list guarantee you'll be on the CD… But it's 99% for sure you will be!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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