So… It's pretty clear that the Afghan war is a war about protecting US oil interests and really has very little to do with terrorism. Terrorism is just a convenient excuse; if it was really about terrorism, would the war be doing its damnedest to create an environment where innocent US citizens are at a dramatically increased risk of attack?

Anyway, as you may know from the news, Columbia is the next target. Up until now, most of the US involvment in Columbia has been drug related, but now that there are massive oil pipelines (mostly run by US companies) running across Columbia, there's another reason… Ambassador Patterson confirmed that elite squads will be trained to guard the oil pipelines. Obviously given the past involvement by the US in Columbia, Columbians are very nervous and suspicious right now!

Unless you call erratically bombing villages and blowing up busses success, America is really embarrassing itself in this war. Their elite forces are getting chased out by a relatively primitive group of rebels, their agents are getting captured, and they really have no idea where Bin Laden is… If losing the battles doens't convince them that maybe there is a better (and less bloody) way to win this war. Because the alternative — the nuclear capable Muslim nations like Pakistan flipping on them — is not pleasant at all.

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PPS. Ha ha. Although I admit it wasn't quite as funny last night when I found myself standing in the cold at a non-functional bank machine!

Some of you asked me for an update about the flag burning, which I finally found out about. This article was just posted to the indymedia site. An excerpt:

This time yesterday I was in Don jail; one of the worst in Canada. After a beer-bellied guard told me, " If you can't pitch, you can catch," and " It only hurts after the first inch," I was relieved to sleep beside two crack dealers from Regent park. It is strange being in a place where the "criminals" share their only food, jellybeans, and the cops threaten you with rape and torture.

Don't forget, for those of you interested and active in the Toronto area, and remember, rally around your flag no matter what:

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