This, to me, is the vilest thing I've read in a while. I find this article utterly disgusting — it's no better than when we were told that the reason the US was attacked is that God was punishing it for embracing civil liberties. The notion that an anti-war protestor is responsible for deaths if the protest slows the war effort is insane.

If I see someone being murdered in an alley and I run in and try and save them, but am only successful in slowing down the killer, so the victim dies more slowly, does that make me responsible for the increased suffering? Of course not.

One of the things that he mentions is that the anti-war folks have a secret commie agenda, and they're not actually against war — they're just trying to manipulate war to achieve some sort of pinko goal. I felt that I should be upfront about it and should mention my own agenda again…

Ask yourselves: What do you need in life?

My answer to this question is that you need three things: Food, Shelter, and Happiness. The shocker is when you realize that all those things can be free. Food is free when you grow it. Shelter is free when you build it. And happiness never costs money unless you treat happiness like a prostitute. When you realize that it's all free, then you have to ask yourself, why am I spending this enormous quantity of money on them every year?

My agenda is to show people that, and to encourage them to reject the system that enslaves them.

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