The waiting game

Well, I've got a little time to kill before meeting up with everyone for the concert… So I'll mention this story. Aparently the biggest terrorist attacks are planned for this week, but no one knows what they are or where they might happen (but they insist the warning is “credible”). I think this quote pretty much sums up the warning, “the attorney general asked citizens to be patient if they encounter additional security measures.”

The personal risk that US citizens may or may not be in at this time reminded me of something very interesting… I find it fascinating that in the US, it is legal to own all sorts of insane firearms (which I support by the way), but it's illegal to have advanced first aid supplies. Did you know that it's illegal to own sterile salt water when it's bagged for infusion? This is an ESSENTIAL supply for anyone who might need to play field medic in an emergency, but it's banned… First aid supplies illegal, guns legal… Interesting…

I'm not saying it's the wrong thing to do, but did you know that the money donated to the Red Cross's, only about $40 million has gone to immediate support of victim's families, leaving close to $500 million for other causes. It obviously doesn't make sense to pour $500+ million to the families, but still, people are going to feel very misled… More nefariously, First Equity's president has gone missing, along with $105 million. I wonder sometimes, what level would I be willing to sink to if I could run off with that kind of money.

Alert to those in Chicago: Don't even think about wearing a mask. Under Chicago law it is illegal to wear a mask (including a Muslim veil). You can't wear them on Halloween, but you can get special permission from the mayor to wear a mask if you're hosting a costume ball.

This is an interesting idea — that it's actually Ali that is responsible for the Islam = unamerican idea. This is worth reading as well — observations from a Pakistani student comparing how he saw America from both the inside and outside.

I felt I should point out again the falacies in the concept that the terrorists were “jealous” of American wealth, so that's why they attacked. Bin Laden has something like $500 million and the terrorists were rich kids as well. These were all people who could have lead easy lives if they'd wanted. PS. I thought my pumpkin was pretty cool, but this guy's ROCK

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