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You saw it here first

I know this was on the news via audio, but I do not believe that any of the mainstream media managed to record this. Before you send me hatemail about the images below, please understand I'm not commenting on them one way or the other. I was there not as a protester, but as someone attempting to provide some level of unbiased media.

In any case, the report below and the photos have been submitted to IMC, but you saw it here first since their submissions form doesn't seem to work for me.

(glider) At about 9AM this morning I watched a protester climb up to the top of the entry of a hotel at roughly King and Bay. When he made it there, he grafitti'd the US flag and then -- to the most massive applause I'd heard all morning -- proceeded to successfully light it (quite a feat, considering it had been raining for hours). He was in the centre of hundreds of protesters cheering him on, who also effectively stopped the police from taking him. When I left the area to keep my footage from being taken, he had gotten down and disappeared into the crowd.

Newsflash: It might suck here too

So Canada is pushing through it's own “anti-terror” laws as well. Overall it's very similar to the US bill, but “written by Canadians” (maybe that's an in-joke). Its scarier points include the same wiretapping and information sharing and gathering clauses the US bill includes, as well as some vaguely defined crimes. (Of course, I'm already monitored full-time by the military and CSIS, so really, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me).

However, do I think they deserve credit for including anti-hate legislation in the bill. In the press release, they are careful to point out, “This is a struggle against terrorism, and not against any one community, group or faith. Diversity is one of Canadas greatest strengths, and the Government of Canada is taking steps to protect it.” This includes dramatically increased protection for the Canadian Chuch of Body Modification under the new laws.

The PR goes on to say, “The proposed Anti-Terrorism Act includes rigorous checks and balances in order to uphold the rights and freedoms of Canadians. For example, the scope of Criminal Code provisions is clearly defined to ensure that they only apply to terrorists and terrorist groups.” I sure hope that stays true as the bill is developed.

If you want to keep updated, the Solicitor General page is actually pretty good about letting you know what's up. Of course, these are official government press releases, so of course they are rather one sided. But at least it's information “from the source”.

PS. Don't forget this.

Meow! Bad Cat!

Mail call!

I went to bed early yesterday so the mailman's ringing of the doorbell didn't wake me up. I got a belated birthday present from Sinsect! Thank you! PS. Can you tell where he works? ;)

My various companies as well as myself personally make donations to a number of charities. The thing that sucks about doing that is that if you make a decent size donation, they then sell your name to all sorts of other charities. Coupled with regular junkmail, it gets extremely annoying… Yeah, I really want to go to the Harry Belafonte Evening. Put me down for the “Hold 'Em Joe Sponsorship”.

Well, the bots continue to run. I'm off to get some lunch, and then maybe off to get a gas mask.


A bit over 200 experiences are currently being processed by the bots… Sometime I've noticed about experiences: Age does not generally determine quality of writing, but the type of experience does. For example, on average, female genital piercing experiences are dramatically better written than tongue piercing experiences.

I've been thinking of ways to make the experience approval process a communal experience. I've got quite a few things on my laundry list, but I don't think this would take too long to implement.

Just got this rather unusual email. I've attempted to preserve its formatting:

From: jacklee
Subject: jack lee

good pic u sand to me pls!!!!!!!
good good pic i heppy u pic
sand to me ok???? naw pic and now!!!!!!!!!!

I know I should feel guilty because I might just be making fun of people who are not native English speakers, but this one made me laugh as well:

From: philerkum
Subject: how to stimulate her clitoris when it seems be lost or retract somewhere under its hood during the plateau?to

dear adviser :my girl's clitoris is sensitive and just all right during the first thirthy minutes ,but it seems to disappear is once told that drawing the public hair might help to indirectly stimulate it when it is hidden .But she says it's painful sometimes.So what can I do to continuously stimulate it during the whole course?would u like to tell us how to do in the several phases [exitement ,plateau orgasm] of lovemaking?

Anyway, I've got to get to work on the BME/IAM CD. Yes, it is way behind schedule, but yes, it is still on. FINAL Deadline is end of October, and then artists will be picked shortly after.

PS. Dragon Slave has some secret project she seems to need help on.