Monthly Archives: November 2001 updated… has been updated. The sign up forms now have been expanded for non-Canadian members and ministers (now you don't have to pick a Canadian province, but you do have to tell us why you want to join the Canadian branch versus your local one).

In addition, on the minister sign up form, the requirements and duties of ministers have been made more clear. They'll be flushed out even more at further meetings, but here they are for now:

What are the basic minister requirements?
First of all, the potential minister must agree with the mission and doctrine of the church, and must be willing to fulfil the duties of minister (see below). In addition, they should meet all or most of the following requirements. Some people who do not meet the requirements fully may be offered the role of deacon:
  • The potential minister should be a body modification or body rites practitioner (ie. piercer, tattoo artist, suspension artist, brander, body building coach, plastic surgeon, sm master, etc.), and should have at least three years of hands-on experience.
  • If not a practitioner, the potential minister must have been actively involved in the body modification/manipulation community for an extended time, and must have made active and significant contributions.
  • While the potential minister does not need to have heavy mods, or be actively involved with heavy ritual, they are expected to have enough hands-on knowledge and experience to be able to meet the spiritual needs and counselling needs of their congregation.

Applications must be filled out truthfully. Ministers who are caught lying on their application will be immediately stripped of their minister status.

What is a Deacon, and what are the requirements?

Another word for deacon would be “junior minister”. A deacon assists ministers in their area on church tasks, as well as performing full minister duties in areas or times when no minister is available. Effectively they are ministers, and have the same duties as ministers. The requirements are the same as for ministers, but they are slightly reduced (for example, a person who meets the basic requirements, but has not been involved in body modification for long enough might be made a deacon rather than minister).

What are the basic minister duties?

The primary duty of a minister is to facilitate the mission of the church in their area, as well as co-ordinating nationally when needed. That said, the following are also very important:
  • Ministers must maintain current contact information and make themselves available to their congregation.
  • Ministers should work to facilitate the growth of the church's congregation both locally and nationally.
  • Ministers should work to facilitate the spiritual growth of the church's members locally (and nationally when possible).
  • Ministers must keep current with church events and policies.
  • Ministers should take part in church campaigns (letter writing, protests, etc.), and should work with their congregation on the same.
  • Ministers must be willing to speak openly and candidly about their personal spirituality through body modification.
  • Ministers should listen to and acknowledge the viewpoints and beliefs of the other ministers and members within the Church, and must keep personal politics out of Church matters and vow to respect and consider the opinion of all fellow ministers.
  • Ministers should defend the dignity of the Church and its members at all times in the public eye.
  • Ministers should honour the Church's beliefs and defend the right to practice those beliefs.

What if I'm not from Canada?

Potential ministers and deacons from outside of Canada are encouraged to join their local branch. We do accept foreign ministers to act as liasons between branches — in general there must be a CoBM in your area for us to ordain you as such. We are not at present ordaining foreign deacons. You should contact your local branch if this is your interest.

Cartoon superheroes

Danielle drew this cartoon for us as a going away present…!

Today I am going movie shopping with Saira (not for me, for one of her classes), and then I have to write up some things for the Church page, and then meet up with a few ministers for a mini-meeting.

The results of the current BME poll surprised me. Do 20% of people really have no memory of things that happened a week ago? I know that I don't — I don't even really have much memory of earlier today — but I assumed most people were able to remember the past.

The previous two polls were interesting when compared:

Do you support circumcision for babies?
For girls For boys
YES 5% YES 36%

It really shows our cultural bias, doesn't it? Mutilation is OK if our culture has decided it's acceptable, but it's not when it's the decision of another culture? That is effectively what's being said here…

Bunch of idiots…

The headline: “Captain Pierce” mashes record

Seriously, what a bunch of idiots. First of all, getting 170 temporary piercings just to get your name in a book is ridiculous. If you want to do it for yourself, fine, go for it… But if you're operating under the delusion that this somehow is something to be proud of, grow up. It's a meaningless record, and trying to break it for breaking's sake isn't worth it.

In any case, and this goes out to the brilliant folks at Guinness (who I have told this to repeatedly, but they don't care): IT IS NOT A RECORD! Gauntlet Magazine documented a 12-hour session where 6000 (yes, six thousand) piercings were done on one person. I believe it was issue #15, which you can order online… I have the issue here so I'll try and dig it up to confirm the issue number and who did the piercings.

In any case, it was fully documented with a ton of witnesses and photos and video as well, and Guinness knows about it (I know because I have told them on multiple occasions — they come to me regularly to ask me questions about bodmod records)… I guess because it fell inside the SM world rather than that “freakshow world” it somehow doesn't count.

D.B. Cooper 30-year aniversary

I just got back bailing Marty's car out of car prison… $137 isn't bad for a loitering charge and about 30 hours in lock-down, right? Mercury Rev last night was AMAZING. Really good show… Not what I expected as far as a stage presence though, I guess I was still sort of expecting David Baker. If you'd like to listen to the show, you can click here for a streaming hour long concert!

My plan for today is start pushing BME's multilingualism farther, which will mean a lot of software changes under the hood. As you know, I was not born speaking English, nor was English ever spoken to me as a baby or young child. Then I was put into the school system where of course I learned English, but they took it a big step farther and forced me to speak without any accent and did everything they could to stop me from expressing myself in a way that reflected someting other than who they were. As far as I'm concerned it was a massive violation of my rights, and I don't want to be a person that continues that process… So I'm doing what I can to make BME multilingual.

I haven't mentioned any news in a while, it's making me sick to do so. I hoped that when the Taliban surrendered it would be all over, but then the US announces that it won't accept their surrender. Not only that, but they've said that they won't take prisoners either… I'm not kidding — they've literally announced genocide — kill every last one is the order. I can't imagine this isn't an enormous violation of international law!

Remember the witchhunts? That's what we're in the middle of. Maybe it's good that my accent got raped out of me, or I might join it. Thank god a few brave people are starting to stand up against this — bravo to Oregon and Spain who've stood up against the FBI/CIA… Too bad most countries and states haven't grown balls yet.

I'm really unthrilled with any number of things happening now — shutting down the Somali internet and telecom facilities are just going to make that country go from hell to doublehell… And locally it's worst of all: greatly increasing government powers, military tribunals, the suspension of civil liberties, the rape of the constitution, and even viruses being developed by the FBI to spy on citizens.

If America keeps squandering its resources on this pointless crusade (it's not a war on terror, so don't try and tell me that lie), it's going to find itself left in the dust by countries like China.

PS. I wish I had a clever way to integrate this link.

Old pix

Going through an identity crisis after my return from Philadelphia? (No, my roommate was in hair school or something and had to practise).

A very cool plug made for me years by Jesse when he was still north of me!

Was I ever skinny and tattooless! Yak! Thank god I've got more color in me now.

Brent got these tattoos to cover up self inflicted facial branding… I met him on the streets of Philly.

I wish this car had never died… I really liked it, and it was the first car I ever put on the road.