Monthly Archives: November 2001

Gerbil anyone?

First, the good news… I've got guests for the show tonight so that's all good. Forgot to mention that Techknight (and his xbox) and Blair came over last night to play videogames, and watch Enterprise… Then we went out for AMAZING Jamaican food at Irie.

Anyway, some experience funmail. The funny thing about the people that send this particular type is that they always have the same sort of email addresses (“”, “”, “” and stuff like that):

From: jessica fennelly <>
Subject: Re: my 9 sets of earrings

man fuck u all.......i tried copy,cut,and paste and it didn't work. i worked on this thing for at least 3 hrs. i thought the id listen to doctors orders and not type. if i had access to this site there would be countless numbers of PICTURES to look at. i have 25 piercings for christ sakes ! how am i not one of you? what the hell can u write about in 800 words? ive read some experiences and they mix the experiences! i fucking hate this! its like a school paper! i fucking hated school! no exceptace! writing sux! a homework assignment to see a couple BLURRY pictures of circus freaks

is this site a fucking country club for circus freaks ? should i fork my tongue and write a thousand word experience about it? or should i stick a gerbil up my ass and write a 2000 word essay on it?

fuck it ! i aint paying for this site. 30 bucks a month for internet is enough! so u can all eat me!!!!!!!

I guess that wasn't enough for them, so then they sent the following email over and over and over (until they thought I'd been “taught my lesson” I suppose — a total of seven times):

From: jessica fennelly <>
Subject: look at me

fuck u circus freaks! go stick gerbils up your ass

Wow! That was quite the zinger! I know I'll never reject another moronic experience. Boy do I ever feel bad… I don't know what I can do to make myself whole again.

Oh, wait, I know! Time for the gerbils!

Fame and fortune

This time not mine… While doing laundry I flipped through today's NOW magazine, and who do I see featured but iWasCured's tigertante.

Now I'm off to try and find my minidisc player, and then to grab a mic for it that can handle the loud volume of a concert. I'm going to see Mercury Rev tonight and they have said they don't mind if the show is recorded.

All alone…

…everyone is down south but me…

Updated again

About nine-hundred new images were posted last night, and I just posted the pending experiences as well. I have churchwork to do all day, so I worked late last night getting BME work done… But I did get a chance to throw together some funmail. I get the best letters to the editor:

From: “Stanley Metz” <>
Subject: (no subject)

you guys are going to hell

From: John Palmer <>
Subject: Why, oh Why?

I've thought I've seen everything on the net but hey guess what? There's always more fucked people in the world than I think there is and I find more everyday. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. This looks like it hurts.


John Palmer Event Manager,Toronto
TELAV/I.S.T.S.Audio Visual and Simultaneous Interpretation Services
Tel:(416)234-5444 Ext:322 Fax:416)234-1974
124 The East Mall, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 5V5

From: “James Armstrong” <>
Subject: Your Web Site Sickens Me

Dear Shannon,
Your web site sickens me.


From: dragonmasks <>
Subject: sick shit

thats some fucked up shit.
know any good taty places,

From: “John Hilton” <>
Subject: hiya!, I'm kind of curious.

Whoa! This is some pretty freaky shit, where, and how do you get ahold of this stuff? Just wondering, I mean, you have to admit its interesting (in its own way)

CCoBM Minister Cards

I mentioned them a few days ago, but thought you might be interested in seeing them. We've got an eBay bid in on a plastic card writer (that also encodes magstrips), so replacement cards will go out. Right now we're just doing minister cards that are personalized like this, but hopefully it won't be long before we have the facilities to do this for all members as well: