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A few couple days ago Ryan and Marty took me to see The Legendary Klopecs. In return, I took Marty to see Spectrum today — Phil came along as well and we grabbed some Vietnamese food first… Unfortunately Saira is in Vancouver — you would have loved this show!

They didn't play a single Spectrum song — this was basically seeing Spacemen 3 live. Here's the playlist as I rememebr it, roughly in order — I'm sure there's a lot missing:

Transparent Radiation
Walking with Jesus
Just to see you smile
When Tomorrow Hits (Mudhoney cover)
True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover)
Suicide (encore)

Seriously, the show was amazing — the food before upset my stomache and I didn't think I'd be able to stay, but thank god for beer — it totally settled my stomache.

Saw a bunch of people that I suppose I know… Including someone that was at the last BBQ. I sort of think he just tagged along with someone though; he was kind of weird. I don't know if he was missing a lot of teeth or if they were just spaced weirdly… He remembered me but I have no idea who he was… Story of my life!

Shirt idea…

I've actually got a series of these I've been playing with… For all I know Hot Topic has printed a million of these already. I got the idea from a slippery floor sign that somehow ended up in my back yard…

Hello, world.

First of all, there was a small experience update earlier this morning. Secondly, I have added Macedonian (by request) as a language for submissions. I'd be glad to add any languages that people would like to write in. Just let me know. I'll even add Tengwar or Klingon if people feel like writing in them.

This war might seem like it's over, but I doubt it's that simple. Let's presume though for a minute that the Northern Alliance really has beaten the Taliban and is able to hold on — they have declared themselves the rightful and elected rulers of Afghanistan already. Ignoring the fact that we've gone from extreme religious fundamentalists to raping and murdering drug warlords (I don't know if that's from bad to worse, or just from bad to other bad, but it's not a positive change), how do we interact with these new rulers?

The Northern Alliance obviously doesn't have Bin Laden, and if they did, would probably just kill him — and the claims now are that he has fled anyway. In addition, they've told the British and US forces to leave — will they? If we were invading Afghanistan over Bin Laden, will we continue involvement now that's he's not being held by the ruling party? I suspect we will… After all, Clinton bombed Afghanistan in 1998, killing at least 30 innocent people largely to draw attention away from Staineddressgate or whatever it was called.

However: of the 60,000 Taliban troops, less than 1,000 are presumed to have been killed by the US bombing and the Northern Alliance's strikes. Which lends strong evidence that they may have simply made a strategic retreat, rather than surrendering, and we will be hearing from them again soon enough. Thank god a strong missile shield is being enacted, right? I'm sure that'll make us much more safe from terrorists.

Cheney has said that the US will be targeting about 50 more countries with diplomatic, financial, and military strikes. Thank god their intelligence is so good, right? After all, we need to bring Christianity to these heathens!

When we're done showing the world what freedom is about, let's make sure we protect it at home as well. It would be a shame if we let the constitution enslave us, or we lost our freedom to secretly try and execute foreigners. Most importantly, we need to protect our freedom to train dictators, drug warlords, and foreign terrorists. After all, that's what makes America strong! Never know when the Germans will start WW4 and we need to start executing them again

Rubber layin' time

Finally the Vette is ready!!! At noon today I pick it up. It still needs a gear (which is a serious pain in the ass in a Vette, in comparison to most cars of that era), but I'll probably do that in the spring… So for now it's going 90 kph in first gear, and as far as 0-60 type stuff goes, not really getting as much as I'd like… This engine is a lot more built than my previous one, but the previous one was probably faster at the stop lights. But I'll fix that soon enough!!! (Pictures this afternoon)

Important: Don't forget that you have plans on Sunday night!

So the Phoenix FBI released a pamphlet to help police identify terrorists (Front/Back). It includes the following useful identification tips — if you spot any of these, you are urged to call the Joint Terrorism Task Force:

  • Anyone who seeks to defend the US constitution (I'm not even kidding, it really says this!).
  • People involved in para-military training (Isn't that about half of the population of Phoenix?).
  • Tattooed people (they are probably from a hate group it says).
  • Christians (probably also from a hate group).
  • Anyone who attempts to “police the police”.
  • People with left wing politics, especially Marxists and Leninists.
  • People who defend common law (which is what the US constitution, and the law of most commonwealth countries like Canada are built around).
  • Animal and eco-rights activists.
  • Computer hackers (who they refer to as “single issue terrorists” engaging in “cyber penetration”).
  • Loners.
  • it goes on like this… read the pamphlet if you want

It should be mentioned that nowhere are Islamic Fundamentalists mentioned… I should add that the FBI has stopped distributing this flyer, for obvious reasons (since I suspect an aweful lot of police, especially in Arizona, have militia and pro-”Super Patriot” leanings). Point is though, they did, and it gives you a valuable insight as to what their vision of America is.

"We're going to protect and honor the Constitution, and I don't have the authority to set it aside. If I had the authority to set it aside, this would be a dangerous government, and I wouldn't respect it."
Attorney General John Ashcroft
(About a month ago, a few weeks before
setting aside the Constitution.)

"[Accused terrorists] don't deserve the same guarantees and safeguards that would be used for an American citizen going through the normal judicial process."

Vice President Dick Cheney

"[Bush and Ashcroft] send a message to the world that it is acceptable to hold secret trials and summary executions without the possibility of judicial review, at least when the defendant is a foreign national."

Senator Patrick Leahy

And that is why I will not enter the United States. I am a foreign national, and under US law I am considered a terrorist, thanks to the broad definition. Which means that if I set foot in the US they have the power to hold me, try me in secret, and, should they see fit, execute me without telling anyone.

PS. This at least is cool, another tattooed Barbie. Unfortunately it's not for sale.


I haven't done one in a while, so it's time for a quickie. Today I will just feature a few somewhat confusing messages… Feel free to try and decode them… I didn't have too much luck:

From: char30@***
Subject: (no subject)

every time i try to email some off the i get kicked off line why

From: EFileus@***
Subject: (no subject)

Tell me about that I am doing a research about mutilation. It's include Latent, manifest, dysfunction.

From: statik_army@***
Subject: enquirey

to whome it may concearn,
i would like to enquire about the stoking of acrylicilc tounge jewlry

From: Grt1217@***
Subject: hey

There's actually one other I want to share. This came back from someone who'd written an experience that got rejected. I include it here because it's kind of funny, but more importantly, because I want people to be aware that when they review experiences, their feedback is going to real people. Some of them might be idiots, but they do have feelings.

From: dubaba309@***
Subject: Re: Self Done Conch

Ok just to let you and your worthless reviewers know, i used to respect you guys. Ok doing a piercing yourself isnt the best thing, but guess what? more people do it themselves than go to someone else. I dont condone doing it yourself, its just the way i got mine done. just because you guys have more piercings than god doesnt make you an expert. now you can fuck off.