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The update is there. Enjoy.

While I'm here, a few more news stories:

  • Smart Bombs Made Dumb? You know how all these “smart” bombs have been malfunctioning and killing innocent people… Looks like we finally might have a reason why other than incompetance by the people firing them. The company that manufactured the battery systems knowingly unloaded defective batteries on the defense contracters. My feeling: If this can be proved, charge the executives that allowed it with murder.
  • Enron Execs Got $55 Million Just Before Bankruptcy. For comparison, the average employee in the company (4,000 have been fired so far from this) has gotten a $4,500 severance package and many lost their retirement savings as well. Thank god the executives managed to walk away with millions…
  • Confessions of a Traitor. This editorial is required reading for all your treasonous bastards willing to consider that just maybe Ashcroft isn't right. (Sign up for a NYTimes membership — it's free and worth every penny).
  • Ashcroft Has Finally Gone Too Far. It's interesting that Ashcroft pushes the anti-terrorist agenda so hard, but then selectively changes his politics when it involves his pro-gun agenda!

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