Stories that suck

The American Dream becomes the American Nightmare!

Let me briefly recount the story of Atila Kula.

Young Atila works hard in Turkey and manages to come to school in America, the land of opportunity. He does well at school, and meets a girl as well. They plan a marriage shortly after graduation. He graduates a month after the September 11th bombing, and things go downhill from there.

Two weeks before his marriage he gets picked up for “questioning” about the 9/11 attacks as part of a sweep focussing on Muslim students with visas that will expire soon. A week into his crimeless jailtime, it becomes clear that he's not going to be released in time for his wedding. INS tells him not to worry, that the wedding can be had in prison.

His fiancee asks the sheriff to have the wedding in prison and is turned down. They go to court to have him released (since there is nothing linking him to the attacks), and the judge agrees and issues an order that he be immediately released. Before that can happen, an appeal is filed, sending him back to prison.

That's the story up until today.

Here's the problem. He was supposed to get married a week ago, but the government stopped that. If he is not married within a week from now, even if he's released, he will be immediately deported since he will then be a visa violator. So, even though he did nothing wrong, he's being thrown out of a country he's legally in, and being barred from marriage to the girl he loves.

Oh, and documents got released two days ago that finally conclusively show that the US actively supported the invasion of East Timor. Good timing on slipping that one in under the radar!

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