Going too far?

Sudeep Das (an Indian living legally in New Jersey) got arrested because of his NAME! He booked a ticket with a shuttle bus company, and later that night found the police at his door.

Police: “How did you spell your name to the bus company?”
Das: “D as in David, A as in America, S as in Sam.”
Police: “No, you said D as in Destruction.”

And then they arrested him and threw him in prison. He was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment, and was eventually released on a $25,000 bond. Let's assume that he really had said “D as in Destruction” — is that really something a person should get sent to prison for? It's certainly in bad taste, but arresting people for this makes me think the war on terrorism makes about as much sense as the war on drugs. (more…)

Oh, and since people think I'm only posting these leftie stories, I thought I'd link to an article written by Rep. Ron Paul (a Republican from Texas). He makes a very good point:

Even if you are a Bush supporter and think he's a genius and has done everything right, do you trust the next president? Do you really want them having this much power? (more…)

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