Early Christmas

The CoBM got its card printer this morning, woo woo:

Ooh! A big box! It's the printer. In all its glory. Guts! Accessories! Amputation machine!

Now let's just hope it actually works. No printer cable or drivers came with it (that's not unexpected), so I'll have to go out and get a cable and then download the drivers… I don't know if they have w2k drivers, so I may have to set up one of my old cruddy boxers as just a printer machine, but that's fine.

We also got some cards in the mail:

Score! Thank you! Two cards, a two dollar bill (haven't see one of those in a while), and a nice donation! And we got a card from Jenny as well!

OOOOH! And I just checked my wishlist and I got some more presents… Gourmet Cannabis Cookery: The High Art of Marijuana Cuisine, The Best of Jams, Jellies & Relishes from Amish and Mennonite Kitchens: From Amish and Mennonite Kitchens, Successful Small-Scale Farming: An Organic Approach, and The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect's Sketchbook. Whoever got these, thank you! These are going to be very useful!

Oh, and more good news! It looks like the land deal is accepted because they liked the offer enough to try and get us to buy the neighboring lot as well. I wish I'd known before that you could just offer the owner to pay them off in installments — it's soooo much nicer than dealing with banks!

Anyway, experience update later today!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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