My morning so far

I haven't picked up any CDs in a long time, so I went for a walk this morning to do so. As you know, it's been snowing and the sidewalks on the side streets are still icy. I'm walking down a stretch that's literally ALL ice and coming toward me on the sidewalk is some jackass on a bike.

Outside of the fact that riding your bike on the sidewalk is illegal, this is a sidestreet, and there are cars parked. Even if I wanted to jump out of the way, I couldn't easily do so. In addition, there's no traffic and no ice on the roads, so this guy has no real excuse to be on the sidewalk.

I figure he's somewhere between 25 and 35, and looks like he weights about 120 pounds. I weight about 240 pounds, so I decided to just let him hit me (it's either that or jump off the sidewalk). I figure it'll do more damage to him than to me. He's coming straight at me, looking me in the eye. I look at him and keep walking straight at his bike.

A few feet in front of me he chickens out and bails out. Next time he'll ride on the street I hope.

(I'll write about the CDs later).

On the way back I followed some very very cold skinny goths for a while. They'd chosen fashion over common sense and were shivering miserably… Then I walked past some hockey punks (oh canada).

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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