First of all, my leaving the Church should not have any effect on anyone else. I don't want anyone to leave the CoBM just because I did (nor should anyone have joined JUST because I did). If you read the story below that was told to me, and get the same thing from it I did and choose to leave, that's good. If not, and if being in the church makes you happy, I'm glad it's there for you and support you in continuing to be a member.

I've gotten a concerned message about the cardreader. Someone said that it was “rude and unfair for me to ask people for money for something I'm going through a phase over.” Ignoring the fact that calling something I poured a year and a half of my life (and earnings) into is extremely rude, I do understand why someone would be upset.

The CCoBM does have the cardprinter and will be putting it to good use — it's not mine or anything like that. However, if you feel that the church isn't the church anymore without me in it, or you feel that I somehow misled you over the printer, please do tell me and I will personally refund your donation. Please realize though that this refund comes out of my pocket, not the church's. But I'd rather that than have people feel I tricked them out of their money — anyone who knows me knows that's not what I'm about.

Anyway, if you want a refund on that, write me at

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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