Ouch II

Alex just sent me the following comment on the tongue piercing and brain abcess story:

Not that you want to tap the situation any more, but the girl who got the infection from the tongue piercing which later led to a brain abcess, i dont think it was becasue of the tongue piercing shannon. It was all speculation. I have the local articale right here and i think it should be said that she took her otngue piercing out after a week and a half or sumthin like that and then about a month to 2 months later the abcess began. a year and a half later she has a massive mass in her brain and doctors can only speculate a year and a half later that the tongue piercing is the only factor in this situation. It is all speculation. simple as that.
Thank you

You know, if you've been on the net for a while, Google Groups is really fun (and sometimes makes you see all the stupid things you said). Anyway, I was trying to find the first posts ever about the CoBM, and I found this one. It's written by Stan Schwartz, the maintainer of the rec.arts.bodyart tattoo FAQ in his Long Beach tattoo convention report posted 2000/05/31:

I saw Steve Haworth there, and he plied me with information about his latest scheme to form 'The Church of Body Modification.' The idea is that if we form a church based on this, if anyone gets fired for having a nose ring or something, we can squeal and cry 'religious discrimination.' I'm not sure if that will fly with the courts, but he seemed quite excited by the idea.

I also found Daddy Kane's post about people dying from uvula piercings — remember that was what everyone was saying when Jon Cobb first did the piercing and Gauntlet was doing their damndest to discredit him:

Here's the story. The boy who supposidly died from this was a homeless kid in NYC and it's all rumor. If the incident happened, it was BEFORE the PFIQ article on Jon Cobb and Gauntlet is in no way involved or implicated! But there is another issue here that should be addressed you know the old story about as soon as you tell a kid NOT to do something, they feel behooved to do it? Well, this post about the uvula piercing is really irresponsible. It's an irresponsible piercing to do to someone or to have done...downright dangerous and these kinds of posts will only encourage some fool to go out and try it. These are precisely the things that will ruin the piercing movement for everyone! Yes, I work for Gauntlet, but please understand, I speak for myself! Let's all strive to keep piercing alive, not kill it because we want to do something that few have been able to do. Ego kills also!

Anyway, I could read those old posts all day, but Christmas is coming…

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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