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So that lakefront property that we've been looking at is I suppose best described as a boutique property, in that we're playing a high premium for it's location. It's very close to urban centres while retaining “remoteness”, and has gorgeous waterfront. That said, the land itself is poor and wouldn't be easy to farm. 100 acres for about $50,000 US is the price.

Here's another option. This one is very remote — VERY remote, up in Northern Ontario. I should say that there are literally hundreds of lots just like this — this pricing is fairly typical of big Northern lots:

176 acres. This large tract of land measures one half mile on each of its four sides. The terrain is rolling with a slight southward slope and has a few acres in the centre of the south quadrant which may be wet in season. Laval Lake almost touches the northeast corner, with quick access via Crown Land. Lola Lake Provincial Nature Reserve Park abuts the north, west and south sides of the property.. The north side also offers access to thousands and thousands of acres of Crown Land allowing one to enjoy the dozens of lakes located nearby. Enjoy the solitude. $16,992 CDN or $10,900 USD

So… we could own almost 200 acres of beautiful forest and rolling hills for the cost of a year and a half of rent. A lot like this has big game hunting, land to farm on, clean water access, and pretty much everything a person needs to be happy.

And why am I living here?

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