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This is not prejudice!

Well, I've been accused again of being a bigot because of my so-called “unamerican” attitudes. Hate to break it to you, but that's shooting the messenger. Just because I point out something you don't like about America doesn't mean that it must be because I'm a bigot! Like it or not, these are real things happening in the world, perpetrated by the American Government.

It's not just me that's concerned about the US's actions. The UN human rights committee again expressed their concerns about America's treatment of foreigners and its violation of basic human rights conventions. The US government is currently being sued by numerous human rights and civil rights groups over these crimes (which among other things are in direct violation of the Constitution). I guess I'm the bad guy for telling you about these things, not the criminals that actually did it?

Remember when the bombing first happened and people suggested that this would be used to trick Americans into paying for a missile shield (which is totally useless in anti-terrorism)…? Well, it's a part of the new $318 billion defense budget. I guess that me telling you makes me the bad guy, right, not the people who actually committed this act?

The rest of the world is also highly concerned because the US just forced the suspension of a germ warmfare pact which could minimize the use and proliferation of these weapons. Basically the reason is that the US wants to be able to develop these weapons, but doesn't want its enemies to be able to… It has nothing to do with actually reducing the amount of weaponry. I suppose though that I must be a bigot for repeating this story, not the people who are hindering arms reductions?

I could tell you a thousand stories like these. If you think I'm somehow anti-America for telling you, change the name of the country from “America” to “Russia” in every one of the stories and think how you would react… History is never hatespeech. If I tell you the history of Nazi attrocities, does that make me anti-German? Obviously not. More importantly, what does it mean to NOT acknowledge these things?

Stories that suck

The American Dream becomes the American Nightmare!

Let me briefly recount the story of Atila Kula.

Young Atila works hard in Turkey and manages to come to school in America, the land of opportunity. He does well at school, and meets a girl as well. They plan a marriage shortly after graduation. He graduates a month after the September 11th bombing, and things go downhill from there.

Two weeks before his marriage he gets picked up for “questioning” about the 9/11 attacks as part of a sweep focussing on Muslim students with visas that will expire soon. A week into his crimeless jailtime, it becomes clear that he's not going to be released in time for his wedding. INS tells him not to worry, that the wedding can be had in prison.

His fiancee asks the sheriff to have the wedding in prison and is turned down. They go to court to have him released (since there is nothing linking him to the attacks), and the judge agrees and issues an order that he be immediately released. Before that can happen, an appeal is filed, sending him back to prison.

That's the story up until today.

Here's the problem. He was supposed to get married a week ago, but the government stopped that. If he is not married within a week from now, even if he's released, he will be immediately deported since he will then be a visa violator. So, even though he did nothing wrong, he's being thrown out of a country he's legally in, and being barred from marriage to the girl he loves.

Oh, and documents got released two days ago that finally conclusively show that the US actively supported the invasion of East Timor. Good timing on slipping that one in under the radar!


You know, even though we got off on a bad foot, and their first issue left a bit to be desired, I've really enjoyed working with the publishers of XBM. I wrote a scarification article for them that'll be in the next issue, and in trade, they gave me a free full page ad:

I even got to sneak in some personal messages and promos for sites I like (SPC and Modified Mind)… I hope the ad isn't too chaotic and kooky, but since I'm running the ad for fun more than for money, I figured I shouldn't hold back.

All done

The update is there. Enjoy.

While I'm here, a few more news stories:

  • Smart Bombs Made Dumb? You know how all these “smart” bombs have been malfunctioning and killing innocent people… Looks like we finally might have a reason why other than incompetance by the people firing them. The company that manufactured the battery systems knowingly unloaded defective batteries on the defense contracters. My feeling: If this can be proved, charge the executives that allowed it with murder.
  • Enron Execs Got $55 Million Just Before Bankruptcy. For comparison, the average employee in the company (4,000 have been fired so far from this) has gotten a $4,500 severance package and many lost their retirement savings as well. Thank god the executives managed to walk away with millions…
  • Confessions of a Traitor. This editorial is required reading for all your treasonous bastards willing to consider that just maybe Ashcroft isn't right. (Sign up for a NYTimes membership — it's free and worth every penny).
  • Ashcroft Has Finally Gone Too Far. It's interesting that Ashcroft pushes the anti-terrorist agenda so hard, but then selectively changes his politics when it involves his pro-gun agenda!

Some news…

In the news… Amnesty International is upset because the CIA has been threatening to kill prisoners if they don't cooperate, and the UN human rights committee is also looking into it and criticizing the US actions. The rest of the world isn't too happy with the US either on account of them refusing to foot Afghanistan's repair bill after the bombing, expecting other countries to pick up the tab.

If I'm to believe Ashcroft, one of the big problems in winning this war are all the voices of negativity — those who speak out against the war in any way are probably helping the terrorists he suggests. It could be worse though — in Britain they make you recite a loyalty oath if you have anti-war leanings. He says, “Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to America's enemies and pause to America's friends. They encourage people of goodwill to remain silent in the face of evil.

Oh, and there will be an experience update posted in an hour or so…

PS. Rights for all?