Monthly Archives: December 2001

Things that make me smile

I got the following letter in the mail today from Tabb. I love getting mail like this… Thank you! It's just a really cool thing to do (and yes, the Canadian 2 dollar coin really does have a polar bear on it… And if you didn't know, the 1 dollar coin has a loon on it).

Oh — I almost forgot my story. I went out for a walk with Leeta and she had three encounters:

  • A big grey dog. She said hello in a respectful and quiet manner, and let him sniff her a bit. He was really nice… one of those big soft friendly dogs.
  • A girl in a low cut top who wanted to pet her. She kneeled down to do so and Leeta jumped up on her and pulled her top down a couple times. Now I know why single guys get dogs and why Rachel won't let me walk the dog in the park by myself.
  • A little dog. Leeta really can't understand little dogs — they just remind her of her squeak toys… As soon as she sees them she jumps up and down and then jumps on them, hoping they'll squeak. Of course they do, so she does it as long as she's allowed.

Blah, blah, blah…

Maybe today I'll do my news blips in a link list, instead of a carefully formatted set of paragraphs. Is that being lazy?

Well, I have to go work on an image update for today. Also I have to insert Japanese…


Normally I do this in the morning, but I think I'll do a latenight news update.

On a domestic front, Bush said last week, “We're an open society, but we're at war — Foreign terrorists and agents must never again be allowed to use our freedoms against us” (and thus we must remove these freedoms) as he defended his clampdown on libraries (public libraries are being ordered to remove “sensitive” materials from their shelves), websites, and press releases. It's shockingly clear that Bush's fascist tribunals (which are of highly questionable legal validity) are more of a opportunistic power grab than any attack on terror.

People tell me I'm just imagining these things… but right now we've got the US Secret Service paying visits to college students who are believed to be “anti-American” for a anti-Bush posters… People seem to forget so quickly that two months ago pretty much everyone publicly affirmed what an idiot they thought Bush was. Remember ““? After the bombing, he was forced to remove it… (It's back now, along with guestbook comments like “what a hucking liberal bastard are you”.)

Good night rights. Good night privacy. Good night Kama Ado.

Oh, and don't forget — the terror alert just got extended again! Not a surprise, considering the US just OK'd Israel's “war on terror” (also known on its war on Islam). Even though the Palestinians begged the US to intervene… I don't see how the US doesn't see that this type of action will radicalize Muslims all over the world. And then you radicalize the Nation of Islam. And then you radicalize all blacks. And so on. And so on. It's a foolish and snowballing course of action.

One of the things I've found most interesting in all of this is the stories coming from the reporters that have been freed from the Taliban prisons — they have universally spoken highly of the Taliban.

PS. Corporate Mofo are wusses. They just described nipple piercing as the most subversive and outrageous thing they could imagine… Ah, to live in a sheltered world…

PPS. I doubt the site will last long before tripod yanks it, but some people might like this for tattoo source material.

Another impending war?

The border between Canada and the US has long been referred to as the world's longest unpatrolled border. Well, not any more. The US has now got troops patrolling the border, along with military aircraft… I really can't figure out why America would launch trooops against Canada. Two possibilities that spring to mind:

PS. I know this is not an invasion force! It's just another misguided “anti-terror” initiative.

Mail call!

Mail FOR me!

Mishel sent me this great photo of a great friend (and great artist), Jon Cobb.

She also sent me these little itsy bitsy piggily wiggily things.

Someone else (I'm really sorry, if there was a note I somehow lost it) sent me these ultra-cool Ramune soft drinks.

Mail FROM me!

…And this is my way-overloaded tiny little car. It's full of boxes of CDs to send all the artists that made the IAM CD possible. In a few days, I'll be doing a similarly car-stuffing-full mailout to radio stations around the world.