Shannon the Chef?

We made veggie momos today. Momos are usually made with meat — red meat — but since one of us doesn't eat that, we improvised a little. If you'd like to emulate our recipe, here is what you'll need:

A bunch of cilantro
Some garlic
Some ginger
A bunch of mixed vegetables
Some onion (I just used green onion because Rachel doesn't like it)
Goat cheese (since we can't get yak cheese)
Some rice
A little butter

As far as cooking implements, you'll need a steamer, but other than that just the basics (a couple regular sized pots, a pan, a cutting board, a knife, etc… Nothing that shouldn't be in every home. A blender makes it easier but is certainly not required. Now, some basic instructions (although let me strongly recommend you take someone else's advice since I made up this recipe and I'm no chef):

Probably the first thing to do is throw on your rice. Cooking rice is really easy, but if you're cooking some kinds of wild rice just remember it takes longer and that the normal 2:1 ratio of water to rice might not be the same (RTFM).

Prep the ingredients by chopping everything up… If you're using a blender you can skip this.

Prep the sauce by giving the veggies a quick fry to soften them. Mush it all up with the goat cheese. If you're making some without the cheese, keep that separate. This is the step that could easily be done in the blender. Note that if you're using meat, just add some ground goat meat into this mush.

Oh, and by now you should have your dough prepped — it's just a really basic flour and water dough. Any flour will do; I used white flour. If we were doing it by the book we'd have used a barley flour.

Tear off acorn sized balls of dough and flatten them. Put a dollop of stuffing in the middle and bunch them up to the top to close. Make sure they're closed or they'll make a mess in the steamer! Assuming you're sure, add them to the steamer — this will take twenty or thirty minutes.

When you're done making all the momos, if you have left-over stuffing, you can throw in a few more veggies with it and fry it as a side dish — the stuffing will turn into a nice sauce.

All ready to eat! Serve with soy sauce.

To be perfectly honest, I think I liked it more than Rachel did. She said she liked the dough, so I think I'm supposed to go make her some plain roti now… I'm told that when the middle puffs up it means someone is hungry!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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