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Industrial grade

I got some photos today of an industrial grade silicone reaction from a facial augmentation procedure performed by a non-medical practitioner… Do you know where your materials come from? This is a case where you do want to look for a “Made in the USA” type tag (and no, there's not a tag like that you can check for).

When these medical materials are manufactured in the West, it is done so under very strict regulations. However, when they're manufactured, for example, in Pakistan or China, these regulations are not in effect, and even though on paper two materials look identical they may well not be. Same goes for what should be the same silicone polymer, but manufactured without the medical standards:

You have to admit it sure would suck if your fancy new arm implant turned into the above because of a chemical reaction with the material… And yes, I've seen it happen.


I'm really enjoying the Good Life (the book, although I do also enjoy a good life)… Outside of the fact that I pretty much agree with everything Helen and Scott Nearing write (and their book is the first thing I've ever read that's made me reconsider meat eating and animal ownership for ethical reasons), the book is footnoted thouroughly, with rich references I've never seen elsewhere.

Nearing regularly quotes passages from 17th to 19th century “how-to” books (I'm surprised that books on how to move from the city to enjoy the “country life” even existed in the 1600s!), and even semiregularly from books as far back as the 14th century… It's very rare to find a modern author of this type that even has access to a library such as this.

Anyway, if you're interested, the book is on amazon right here. I really can't recommend it highly enough (as is obvious, huge thanks go out to the person who got this for me). If you are really set on being free, check out Mortgage-Free! as well. You won't regret it. Then find a company like Dignam (Canada only, sorry, you can always try ebay), buy some land, and get rich without getting fucked over by money.

Anyway, my plan for today:

  • Start working on the “DIY Piercing FAQ”. Don't worry, it will be responsible, and will make a positive contribution.
  • I have a 3 PM appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss implants (and just to say hello).

Oh, and if you go to eBay's land listings, and you actually bid on anything, read carefully! Make sure you're bidding on the land, not just on the down payment or anything like that… Also, not all acreage-type land comes with mineral or timber rights… If they don't, you could find yourself with your land being destroyed by some big company after you build a house.

Magic Beer Mug

I got a magic beer mug from Mr.E today.
It's some kind of flourscent bulb!


Two shirts… The first one (on the left) is 100% confirmed and is at the printer's now. The one on the right is 90% confirmed for our next run (we're just waiting back on a higher res version).

Can you say supercute?
I think it's an elf?

Way too funny.