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"Noble beasts"

First, some things that make me sad. I went to High Park yesterday with Rachel and Leeta. There's a small park there, with a few animals. It breaks my heart to see animals in small fenced pens, but there were two that really upset me:

This is a Yak. The Dalai Lama mentioned in his autobiography that as the yak metabolism is evolved for high altitudes, when you take them below 10,000 feet their lifespan is dramatically shortened… I'm not sure if the zoo value worth is worth this animal's sacrifice? Hmm… On a side note, maybe I'll make Tibettan food today. Overall I'm not a huge fan of it, but I do like momos.

This is a highland cow, Scotland's answer to the yak. I lived on a highland cattle farm for about ten years, and I hope to get highlands again in a few years. Highlands are rugged, noble animals, and seeing one in a sparse cage, watching it mope about and look up into the forested hills outside its cage wasn't very fun.

I should add that I have no qualms eating animals and wearing their skins and using their byproducts to enhance my life. I have no qualms with raising animals for consumption if it's done responsibly and with a purpose, but seeing pointless torture, be it in a zoo or be it on a factory beef farm is inexcusable. Life is still life; our duty as the masters of this world is to treat it with respect.

Nice day

Today seems to be going well… I went an picked up some LAN cable to rewire the network here, and a printer cable. I did some secret stuff, and plan on doing more later. Today my only “big plan” includes finalizing the reward system for the superfriends. Of course, my plans are far from consistent… So who knows what happens today.

Can you guess who sent me this?

Boozy McBeer

Let me say: BEER MAKING IS FUN. First, the guy at the beer store was super cool… I told him I'd been given a beer kit for Christmas, and I was here to pick up the malt and hops kit. He asked me if I'd also been given a gift certificate — when I told him I had, but it was at home, he just said to bring it next time and let me take all my supplies for free! Thank you to Saira and Ryan for helping me make it — now the pictures:

The beer: a nice brown ale kit.

Sterilizing everything.

Boiling the water.

Creating the wort.

It's really grain!

The wort in the bucket.

Checking the temperature.

Transferring to carboyle.

Adding the yeast.

Did we do it right?

A job well done!

Hiding in the basement.

I'm making a mix CD for a friend right now… Here's what's made the short-list so far (yeah, what am I, twelve? no — it's not for a secret crush!):

Low + Dirty Three – Cody
Sunstorm – Desert Song
The Sixth Great Lake – 300 Miles
Papa M – Glad You're Here With Me
Sodastream – Heaven on the ground
Rheostatics – Onilley's Strange Dream
deardarkhead – Never Coming Down
DNTEL – Last Songs
Edith Frost – True
Explosions In the Sky – A Poor Man's Memory
Fields Of The Nephilim – Intro (The Harmonica Man)
freelovebabies – intro / pretty as a picture
Hanged'up – winternational
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson and Sigur Ros – Bum bum bambal
Hood – The World Touches Too Hard
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Drop
January – Projections
Kings of Convenience – Winning a battle, losing the war
Mark Hollis – The colour of spring
Mercury Rev – Little Rhymes
Mojave 3 – Prayer for the damned
My Morning Jacket – Bermuda Highway (demo version)
Pink Floyd – Julia Dream
Psychic TV – The Orchids
Rachel's – Tea Merchants
Rian Murphy & Will Oldham – Song of Most
Roboshop Mania – Childish Song
Set Fire to the Flames – love song for 5 ontario (w/singing police car)
Sigur Rs – Starlfur
Stars of the Lid – Ballad of Distances (Part 1)
The Beta Band – Won
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Sisters! Brothers! Small boats of fire are falling from the sky!
Carmen Quinones with Mercury Rev – It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World
Huun-Huur-Tu – Agitator


We all get pretty funny comments from the authors of experiences. I say “we all” because even though I get the email, in theory the comments are directed at the people who reviewed the experience. Here is a selection of comments received when experiences were rejected:

Stretching My Earholes


the lip that God never forgot

hey u guys think y r really great then ehy dont you take this lousy site and shuve it up ur lousy ass cause i give a damn about tehis fuckall website

my meaning less story of a belly piercing

i cant be arsed to write it agian, u dont like it piss off

I got my fucking eye stabed!Now i'm fucking blind in one eye!

well that was interesting...first of all...i dont find it amusing that you keep making these smart ass remarks about me...such as "loser"...and that i make you make me sick you self-rightious bitch! that story WAS true...i dont give a fuck what u think or believe...and i think that you are an inhumorous, narrow-minded "LOSER" that has to have every little thing her way...your fucking site sucks big "FAT" hairy nuts if you ask is so pathetic to ask so much out of ppl that are just interested in tattoos and piercings...there are way better sites on the web then ur shitty ass site...and what the fuck do you expect from a single story of getting my eyebrow pierced!!? how many fucking words do you think i can generate out of such a small story? that is way too much to ask for...the whole password thing is a crock of shit! so what if i trailed off to another experience...hell what was i suppose to do? say the same shit over and over again? or fuck i my as well made up a "fake" story as you so called mine,(in wich you are ignorant to the fact that it wasnt "fake") you prbably would have approved of that...and YOU are my definition of fake...a fucking snobby ass little bitch...fucking 800 words on one time i had...its not like it was a fucking journey to the other side of the world...i just went to a place and got it done...thats ppl are so fucking narrow-minded...its ppl like you that feed my hate inside! fuck you...and it is not "kool" at the fact that you have to mail me dissing me from my wasnt yours...u dumb go shove ur head up someone elses ass becasue i dont have the time for snobs like you....LMAO now i bet this tops my story for the worst piece of bullshit youve ever read...LMAO...and on the other side of the table...i will remember you...and this shit as the MOST BULLSHIT IVE EVER SEEN...among my family life...and you as THE MOST PATHETIC,CATHART IC SNOBBY BITCH OF BULLSHIT!.....among my parents...

sincerely,ragefully, and (disrespectfully) yours,

i hope you enjoyed it! >=)


and another thing...i wasnt talking about you when i said those women were fine...and as a matter of fact...i wasnt talking about them in general...i was talking about their pussies literally because they were getting their clits that rules out that i was naming all women as "fine ass pussies" go fuck off you piece of dog shit! your quick to judge me...and your such a waste of the human race...have a nice day...and smile =)

lmao >=)

Home Done Inner Labia


Belly Beautifuul

erm scuse i fink u beta shut ur mouths i duno were u from like but where i live even 6 yr olds smoke and my name u sayin im a sick perve?????????????????? ur freaks ur telin me bout my spellin u acnt even spell half luk silly lil twats


A kick ass expierience

I'm going to cry, really I'm hurt...hahaha modification is life changing, yea, and so is taking a shit...And you shouldn't even ask for my money, go beg for someones elses dirty dollar, fuck you. You money hungy pieces of shit. You don't do anything for the money you've earned. Fuck you buddy.

Oi to my fucking ear

why do you have be so fucking nasty assholes

800 words is quite a bit to tell about a fucking ear assholes

Fuck you stupider good use of fucking english retard and i didnt try to scam a free membership i didnt have pictures developed to fucking send bme so i typed and it said 8-- words and really i dont care that much to make a fucking story out of it

dude im sorry i just wanted to conrtibute and if it wasnt good enough leave it be. You dont need to get all pissy about it

Well, might as well include some regular funmail here while I'm at it.

From: "Amit Johar" toohorny4girls@***
Subject: too disgusting

i looked at your website and i'm sorry to say, it was real sick. Its just nasty, plain and simple. I don't think most viewers would enjoy seeing such torture. Just for curiousity, what happens to those individuals who participated in such torture. Did they die or what? Its not possible, that those guys, just got up and went home after their shots were done.

Yeah, everyone on the site is buried in my basement right now. None shall survive! HA HA HA! It's funny, because I got a really similar mail from someone else as well:

From: Joe tough_guy_1977@***
Subject: confusion

I just viewed your website. I seem to be confused, why an individual would be willing to go into such grisly torture of his genitals. I guess those guys did it for the money. If they did it for the money, then that amount must have been incredibly large amount they were paid based on the sexual damage they had to undergo. But even then, who the heck would want his genitals destroyed permanently for money???????? What's the story with it? it doesn't seem normal to me.

Yeah, there's really big money in posing for genital torture pictures. These guys are millionaires… This next and last one, I'm not sure what motivated it. I did a quick search and I don't see anything linked to this address, so I can only assume it's someone else who's experience got rejected.

Subject: You ma'am, are a moron.

Aside from personally attacking everyone that e-mails you; you're idiocy is amazing along with everyone else on your site.

You consider this disgusting trash to be art? Yeah man, way cool! Let's turn our reproductive organs inside out and shove pins and needles through them while we're at it! You know what would be the ultimate art? WHEELING!! Have someone WHEEL you. In case you're unsure of what wheeling is, it was a technique used during the Spanish Inquisition, your arms, legs, shoulders, and hips would all be broken (avoiding fatal blows, of course), in as many places as possible and then you would be wound and woven onto a wooden wheel and nailed onto a high post. Splinters of bone and rivulets of blood would potrude from your now hideously deformed body and the crows would fight over your eyes.


You stupid fuck. You think you intimidate people with your idiotic mutilation? You're a fucking moron, along with anyone else who calls this "art". You all (including anyone who would PAY to see this shit) obviously have serious mental issues and should be shot in the face. It pains me that I live in the same world with people like you.

Put this one on your fucking web site you stupid bitch.


Puppy Pictures

Programming Pain Pictures