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We went to the screener's today and hung out with them for a while and fiddled with the colors and their leader told us all about clear inks, water based inks, etc. so I have a whole lot of neat ideas for things to do in the future. I'll have photos of the pierced panty sets shortly as well — they had the screens ready… one word: HOT.

Anway, here's what's currently on the presses:

The elf shirt! It's on a really nice dark forest green color. I think we did a BME boy in a similar color, but I'm pretty sure this one's a little darker.

DENIED! I think you have to review 2000 experiences to get this little critter.

This is the first experience shirt. The thing I really like about it is that there are no letter. Most sign language shirts include letters; my feeling is that the sign language stands on its own — why translate it?

It was a lot of effort to get this shirt of Katsuyuki (photo by Phil) colorcorrect, but I think it was worth the effort… Now I have to dig up Katsuyuki's address in Japan so I can mail him one!

This one is just way too funny. Other than the fact that it's a complaint, I think it's actually really well written! (And as a point of trivia, I think Marty is the “friend” he's talking about.)

A sample of the backs on the experience shirts; the actual ones are a little lighter hit so you can read the “experience” text more clearly. Each shirt style of course has a different number.

Anyway, I said it in the forum, but I really want to thank everyone who's been helping me with this software upgrade, especially those of you who've been assisting in the tech support forums. It really lightens my load and makes it a lot easier for me to get things done. Thank you!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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