Monthly Archives: February 2002


I've given up on developing this net-based version of my automation tools and have decided to just run a PC Anywhere type application instead. Why waste four hours I don't have? After all, the car show is today.

Oh, and I have to agree with the numerous people that have pointed out that the solution to the current world crisis may be pornography — I know I'm a lot more comfortable around guys that are addicted to 100% teen anal barnyard sluts than guys addicted to religion. Drop porn on every developing country and you'll assimilate them into the Western world with a minimum of bloodshed. It's certainly a lot better than dropping money wrapped in photos of George Bush on them (yes, that's actually the current plan).

Anyway, for car nuts I'll post pictures of the autoshow later today.


Seriously, if I lived in the US I'd get the fuck out now. On top of the endless stories about the widening rift between the US and the rest of the world, with war on the EU and Japan pending, along with potentially global race war, the domestic crackdowns are getting even more scary. Did you know that now SERIAL CABLES are illegal? Did you know that just possessing the ability to potentially write software that might be able to circumvent copyright is punishable by life in prison (in the land of the free anyway)?

I have the technical skills required to circumvent most copyright protection scheme — when I was sixteen I was working with McQuaid (he was doing software development for the same company I was), so I've got I guess 11 years of experience testing the waters on copy protection circumvension. Hell, I've got the technical skills to take out a big jet even with the current stupid security systems. It's not that hard (certainly well withing the grasp of any top-10% highschool grad). I can't see how knowledge makes you either a pirate or a terrorist. I have no particular motivation to either steal or kill. Are we now banning education and intelligence? Because that's what this is moving toward.

That said, there will come a point at which those of us that have been declared terrorists by the US government start


I added a few more features to my monitoring tool… It still watches the sites for “emergencies”, but now it's got a couple commands it can execute, including watching my iam.alive box. To be honest, this won't help me answer them, but maybe it will help catch the essentials…

Three photos of it in action:


Well, my video overlay monitoring tool seems to be working. Right now it's just keeping an eye on the server speeds and the fraud logs on BME. I'll add a bunch more to it later (for example, alerting me if I get emails from specific people, telling me when my favorite news sites get updated, etc.).

(BTW, it only displays the times when it senses a problem; most of the time the screen is blank.)

Blue Beasties

The other project I'm working on is chewing away on a major rendering task, so I had some time to fiddle with a blue beasties shirt (sorry, if you know what a blue beastie is then this means something to you, if not, don't give it any worry) by request… Here's what I came up with. Hopefully people like it: